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    Q1: Before taking off on a cruise, the Shreks put their silver (worth about $4,000), jewelry, and a wallet containing their credit cards in bags and stored them in their attic. Upon returning, they went up to the attic and brought down the bags together with other bags containing used clothing. They had planned on donating the used clothing to Bonwishes Charity. Mr. Shrek accidentally picked up all the bags, the ones with the valuables as well as the ones with the used clothing and took them to Bonwishes. He told Bonwishes that he was donating used clothing. The Bonwishes employee who was marking the items for resale found the Shreks' wallet in the bag and, realizing it was a mistake, called the Shreks' residence about the wallet. She did not mention the silver, though, because she had seen it at that time. Even after she saw the silver, she did not realize that it was sterling silver. The Shreks realized their mistake about two hours later and called Bonwishes about it. They were told that Bonwishes had sold the silver for $15 to Puss in Boots. Puss in Boots refused to return the silver when asked to do so. The Shreks brought suit against Bonwishes and Puss in Boots. Can the Shreks get their silver back?

    Q2: Post your position and discussion on the Engagement Ring issue here.

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    Q1: Yes the Shreks should be able to get ...

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