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Harassment: Impacts to the Work Environment

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1. Other than it being against the law, what's wrong with harassment? What does it do to productivity or quality, and is it ever moral?
2. Where does motivating, correcting, and disciplining leave off and harassment start? Legally or otherwise, what differentiates harassment from the preceding?
3. What makes harassment into something worse, e.g. assault?

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1. Harassment can create a hostile work environment, where not only the target of negative behavior is impacted, but others as well. Harassment can lead to fear amongst a broad range of personnel. Those witnessing harassment may feel conflicted about needing to "do something" - but feeling that such actions would create negative consequences for themselves. All this stress, worry and fear greatly diminishes ...

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This solution is around 250 words and answers three questions related to harassment: how it can impact productivity and moral, the difference between discipline and harassment; and what happens when harassment escalates to assult.

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