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Sexual harrassment policy of Ferrum College

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Read the Sexual Harassment Policy of Ferrum College below. Discuss whether the policy addresses quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment issues. Provide documentation (and properly cite the reference) from the Sexual Harassment Policy of Ferrum College in your discussion. Provide three recommendations to the policy that would incorporate policies prohibiting same sex harassment and sexual orientation harassment.

Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexually Offensive Behavior

"Our campus environment encourages men and women to treat each other with compassion and respect,
to value each other's unique qualities and backgrounds, and to support each other in the common pursuit
of insight and discovery."

It is the policy of Ferrum College to provide a work and educational environment that is free from all
forms of discrimination and supportive of the rights and dignities of the students, faculty, and staff on its
campus. The College will not tolerate behavior that is degrading, prejudicial, or an infringement upon the
rights of others. In keeping with these beliefs, Ferrum College has adopted the following policy towards
sexual harassment and sexually offensive behavior.Sexual Harassment
Ferrum College will not tolerate any physical or verbal conduct, which constitutes the sexual harassment
of any member of the community - student, employee or guest.

Definition of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is perceived as behaviors that violate the rights of others. It is defined to be any
unwelcome sexual advance, any request for sexual favors, any verbal or physical conduct of a sexual
nature, or any written communication which is sexually offensive (i.e., uninvited or demeaning behavior),
as well as, other unwelcome and offensive conduct directed at an individual based on his or her gender.
The aforementioned behaviors demonstrate Offensive Working/Learning Environment harassment when
any such conduct has the purpose or effect of:

1. Creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working/learning environment; or
2. Substantially interfering with job or academic performance.

The above mentioned behaviors also constitute Quid Pro Quo harassment when:

1. Submission to such conduct is made (explicitly or implicitly) a term or condition of employment or
academic performance; or
2. Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for employment or academic decisions.

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In the first category of Hostile Environment Ferrum College (2012) has listed two conditions that are necessary. According the Bureau of Labor Management (BLM, 2007), the conditions listed above for a hostile environment have been correctly spelled out. However, the policy might be more effective if examples of hostile environment were provided that indicate how the environment may affect an individual's ability to do his or her job or perform academically, such as creating emotional tension that produces physical symptoms of ill ...

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Sexual harassment policy of Ferrum College is examined. The environment encourages men and women to treat each other with compassion and respect is determined.