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    The Home Company had been a family owned call-center business for many years. Recently, it had grown so large that it had become impossible for the family structure to handle the 2000 employees that were scattered across the country. A Fortune 200 Company had acquired it and it now has a new Board of Directors.

    You are one of four Human Resource Managers. You have been hired to take over one of the geographical regions. You will be responsible for handling all safety issues and OSHA compliance.

    Historically, the HR policies have been largely informal and implemented inconsistently. There had been a fair amount of nepotism. Family members or their friends filled many of the key positions.

    Recently, there was a large turnover rate and the new HR managers have been instructed to create new HR policies for the new Board of Directors. The new board is made up of key executive managers from the acquiring Fortune 200 Company. They feel there is a need to upgrade the HR policies, but recognize that there must be a reasonable amount of time given for the transition.


    As one of four HR managers for the Home Company, you have been asked to prepare a policy and communication and education process for several areas needing attention. Assume that all of these policies will address subjects that have until now been handled informally and inconsistently throughout the company. Policies need to be developed for: sexual harassment prevention, abuse of Internet use, attendance policy and performance management/ people development process.

    Prepare a 2-3 page answer (per policy) documenting the polices. This should include appropriate disciplinary procedure for offenses. Next, prepare a training or orientation piece on their policy via PowerPoint presentation.

    Lastly discuss various methods to communicate all of these new policies at the same time to managers and employees. What method of communication will you use? Will it be different for managers and employees?

    What differences in communication do you suggest for the new policies for the manager and employee audiences?

    What questions do you anticipate from each audience and how would you answer them?

    What do you think will be the most negative reaction to these 4 policies being introduced? How will you address this reaction?

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    Documenting the policies:

    Sexual Harrassment Policy:
    Please visit the following link for a good example of an organization's sexual harrassment policy:


    Under this policy, the following acts are specifically prohibited:

    Granting or denying job benefits based on receptivity of sexual advances or threatening or insinuating either expressly or implying that an employees refusal to submit to sex;

    Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal or physical conduct of a sexuall harassing nature;

    Intimate relationships between supervisory and subordinate employees on or off Company premises which may affect the supervisors treatment of the employee with respect to his or her terms and conditions of employment.

    A working environment of unwelcome sexual conduct that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an affected persons work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment; and

    Sexual slurs, vulgar jokes, display of sexually explicit pictures, or other sexually offensive conduct.

    Abuse of Internet use:

    The company should make all of its current and newly hire employees regarding the policies of using the office computer and internet, email etc. well in advance and in writing. The policy should clearly state the implications of using office computers and internet to access prohibited material such as porn, sending obscene emails, etc.

    Visit the following link ...

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    This solution provides policies for sexual harassment, abuse of internet use, and attendance. Performance management is also discussed, along with how each of these policies can be clearly communicated to everyone and potential questions workers will ask. Approximately 928 words with references.