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Kelo case and the majority opinion

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Please read the Kelo case in the link below: Discuss this issue: Do you agree with the majority opinion? Do you agree with the dissenters? Why? Why not? Explain your position.


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Susette Kelo et al., Petitioners, v. City of New London, Connecticut et al.
Supreme Court of the United States
125 S. Ct. 2655 (2005)

Always begin any type of academic paper with an explanation of the facts this will lay the foundation for your writing. Private land ownership in the United States of America has been a fundamental right since the inception of our country. This is a foundational element in the case and the arguments surrounding Kelo v. City of New London The case began with the city of New London condemning real property owned by Suzette Kelo for the purposes of acquiring her real property for further economic development. The city ...

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The following discusses the Kelo case and the majority opinion.

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Kelo vs. City of New London summary

The case of Kelo vs. City of New London recently gave the US Supreme Court the opportunity to deal with the main issues involved in the exercise of the power of eminent domain.

What were the main issues that the court dealt with in that case?

How did the court resolve the issue?

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