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    Discrimination - disparate impact on recruiting

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    Looking for just a few paragraphs to start off a discussion based on the following:

    The definitions of discrimination under Title 7 include both disparate treatment and disparate impact. Of the two, disparate impact has had a much larger impact on recruiting and selection activities because it applies to groups not just individuals. To determine whether there is evidence of disparate impact, we rely heavily on the use of statistics. What are the strengths and the limitations of using statistics in determining staffing discrimination?

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    Lack of direct evidence in staffing discrimination enhances the importance of quantitative evidence generated via statistics as it is used as the only evidence in such circumstances. Statistical evidence is often used in discrimination related instances to pursue cases. However, statistical evidence can often be misleading as ...

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    The solution discusses strengths and the limitations of using statistics in determining staffing discrimination. Four references are provided to aid in the understanding is provided.