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    Recruitment and Selection Strategies

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    Discuss the work you completed for your client this week. Your discussion should include the principles and strategies that apply to your business and those that can apply to each member's business.
    Prepare a 350- to 1,050-word paper detailing the findings of your discussion

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    Clapton Commercial Construction is a U.S. based construction company located in Detroit Michigan that is looking into expanding operations to Arizona.
    Recruitment and Selection Strategy
    The human resource is the most valuable resource a company has. Building and maintaining a labor force within a company, takes strategic planning conducted by the Human Resource department. Further, the Human Resource department should align its recruiting strategies with the company's mission. The first step is to identify the qualities that each candidate should possess and then investigate the labor market in both countries. Finally, an appropriate recruiting method will enable the Harrison Corporation to recruit successfully.
    Candidate Qualifications and Recruitment Strategy
    There are many individuals seeking employment. The best way to have any success at hiring qualified candidates depends on the company's recruitment strategy. A recruitment process will be developed to ensure that Clapton Commercial hires the best qualified candidates for all positions. The recruitment strategy that Clapton will perform consists of networking with universities and trade schools that have students pursuing a career in construction.
    Clapton will conduct monthly and quarterly meetings with the counselors at the universities in Arizona to achieve this new plan. Clapton's goal is to network with universities and trade schools to promote possible job opportunities for graduating students. Clapton wants to provide students with job opportunities regardless if they are new to the work force, or seeking long-term permanent employment with a company. The goal is to communicate with the universities monthly to discuss the benefits of this recruitment process as well as to discuss what does and does not work for this process. In addition, Clapton will meet quarterly to evaluate the progress.
    The students that qualify for these opportunities are those who are graduating with his or her bachelor's degree or a trade in construction, and are seeking the opportunity to gain knowledge and work experience in the field. This is the engagement process. Engagement is important because it will help to keep candidates interested in the business.
    Clapton is a company that promotes individuals by providing numerous opportunities to have a successful and productive life, including opportunities for growth within the company. Therefore, it is vital to keep the attention of top candidates by addressing his or her needs with ongoing communication with the universities, internet postings, career fairs, and most importantly, incentives for students.
    Laws Impacting Recruitment
    There are many laws that will impact recruitment in Arizona. Most of these laws are already impacting current recruitment and selection strategies in Detroit, so little to no impact is foreseen.
    Some of these laws include:
    •the Equal Pay Act 1970
    •the Sex Discrimination Act 1975
    •the Race Relations Act 1976
    •the Disability Discrimination Act 1995
    •the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003
    •the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003
    •the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006
    •the Equality Act 2006, Part 2
    •the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 (only applies in California).
    Labor Market
    Arizona has an increasing size of the labor force, and its job creation strategies have reduced unemployment numbers. The unemployment rate in February 2015 was 6.5% (BLS, 2015). It has shown little movement since October 2014 (ILO, 2013).
    Succession Management
    Succession management planning is crucial for the organization's future leaders and organizational success. Further, the role of succession management in an organization helps the company proceed with its strategies and goals. Succession management helps to identify employees who have strong knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that meet the necessary criteria to accomplish the organization's mission and vision. Management should consider selecting candidates for job promotions and leadership roles internally. This practice helps to build loyalty and confidence in the organization. Companies that externally select candidates for leadership roles risk a decrease in employee morale.
    Preceding the succession management plans, the Human Resource department should develop a staffing strategy that ensures enough human resources are in the organization so when a promotion occurs, gaping holes do not exist from the promoted employee. Further, once the organization identifies potential candidates for leadership roles, the Human Resource department should develop a training strategy for the elected candidates that fill competency gaps.
    Candidate Identification Resources
    Many resources are available to an organization in need of qualified employees. Clapton Corporation can externally ...

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