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Business Law

The Gathering Place: Coffeeshop

Betty Wilson, a mature Christian, is thinking of opening a Christian coffeehouse in Belmont, NC. Her husband John is open to making a contribution of capital to the business, but he has no interest in participating in its operation or management. Betty's sister, Alice, a new Christian, has told Betty that she's been looking

A Discussion On Project And Contract Managers

a. Define what the position of a project manager is and what does a project manager do. b. Define what the position of a contract manager is and what does a contract manager do. c. Identify a specific example that demonstrates the duties and responsibilities of each, i.e., the contract manager and the project manager. d. Comp

Texas zoning laws and taxation

Sarah is an economist for Smith LLC. In January 2009, she inherited three parcels of land in Texas County from her mother. Her mother's estate valued the parcels, which are all adjacent to each other and total 30 acres, at $15,750. Sarah thought the parcels were worth more than $15,750, so she asked the estate's appraiser why th

Legal Critical Thinking Exercise

Analyze and prepare a critique of the following situation: Mary has worked for Bob for two years. About 6 months ago, Bob asked Mary out to dinner. They had a good time together and agreed that they had some real interests in common outside of work. The pair dated for two months. Mary initially liked Bob, but he was beginning

maximizing shareholder wealth and payment of bribes

Ethics Question: Is there a conflict between maximizing shareholder wealth and never paying bribes when doing business abroad? If so,how might you explain the firm's position to shareholders asking why the company does not pay bribes when its foreign competitors in various nations clearly do so?

Employment at Will - Garp Courier Serivce (GARP)

The solution addresses each of the questions below, along with the two at the case closing. There are two references to support the legal conclusion and recommendations of what Mr. Jones should do. Using the case study provided write a 1 page memo that analyzes the case by: 1) stating the key elements of the applicable law (

Legal aspect of healthcare

Please review the following questions and let me know if you can guide me in answering them (Each response minimum 300 words APA format). 1) Describe the early hospitals of the United States. How did these facilities compare in design and role with the hospitals of the US today? 2) Discuss the various forms, degrees, and

Employement Law for HRM

1. Please summarize a situation regarding Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), national origin, or sexual orientation that you experineced as a business/HR Manager. Please explain the background, the particular issue, and how your company resolved it. Reasonable Accommodation of Religion 2. Describe this issue and explain i

Legal rights in property law issues

Looking at the situation from both a legal and spiritual perspective, as Barney's attorney, give him your best assessment of his legal rights in connection with the various property law issues that he had encountered, as well as your best advice as a brother in Christ, as to how he should handle the situation. In connection w

IT Management -Automated Contract Preparation Tools

Identify three (3) tools, currently available in the market, which automate the contract preparation process. Summarize an overview of each tool as well as the pluses and minuses of each tool into an executive level. Finalize your report to with a recommendation of a specific tool among the ones that you reviewed/examined.

Contracting: Truth and Negotiations Act

What is The Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA)? What role does this legislation play in contract pricing/contract management? Where would TINA be most applicable/appropriate?

LTM Venture Inc. License Contract

Sunday March 7, 2013 Terms and Conditions AADI Computers Inc. will provide "Ultra Performance Power and Speed" technology to "LTM Venture Inc" for a one time license fee of $994,900 to be paid in Quarter 6, in exchange "LTM Venture Inc." will provide AADI Computers Inc. with "23 in High Resolution Monitor for Desktops" techn

Big Banks And Glass-Steagall Act

Are banks too big? Should banks be too big to fail? Should big banks be broken up? Should the Glass-Steagall Act be restored to separate commercial and investment banking operations? Can the U.S. economy function successfully without big banks?

Key Components of the USA Patriot Act

1. What are the key components of the USA Patriot Act? Why does the Act generate concerns between liberty and security? 2. Define the role of the Department of Homeland Security. Why was it created? What is the primary role of DHS? 3. What is NATO? Why is it important? 4. The U.S. has never adopted clear policy guidelin

Equal Protection Under the Law

Some citizens complained to city council members that there should be equal protection under the law against the occurrence of crimes. The citizens argued that this equal protection should be interpreted as indicating that high-crime areas should have more police protection than low-crime areas. Therefore, police patrols and oth

Limited Liability Company

Edina and Patsy form an LLC for the purpose of starting a public relations firm. Edina drafted the articles of organization for the LLC and gave the articles to Patsy, who read them briefly. Patsy told Edina, "Everything looks okay to me," and signed the agreement. Edina properly filed the LLC articles with the secretary of stat

Unfulfilled Contract

Bob, a merchant seller, had contracted with Acme U.S., to buy welding equipment. The contract stipulated that Bob would pick up the equipment from the Acme U.S. warehouse on the 14th day from the date of the contract. But Bob could not make the pick up on that date and before he could do so on the 15th day, the warehouse was bur

Collective Bargaining Negotiation

Read: Collective Bargaining Negotiation Scenario: Harper Container Company and the United Chemical and Plastics Workers Union You are representing the "union/labor side" and your key negotiation issue is : unemployment benefits. Looking to develop a bargaining strategy and formulate bargaining demands regarding unemployme

Job Application Questions: Employer and Candidate Rights - To Ask or Not To Ask

Case Study Scenario: The following information is sometimes requested on employment applications, though candidates might consider some of it to be private or personal. Which of the following items might an employer have a legitimate claim to know, and why? - A job applicant's social security number - An applicant's arrest re

Unions And Labor Laws

Are current labor laws capable of dealing with labor-management problems or should they be abolished? If abolished what should take their place?

Piercing the Corporate Veil

Discuss three factors that a court will use in determining whether to pierce the corporate veil. Cite your sources.

BFOQ and protected classes

Utilize this as a practical discussion of the concept of BFOQ. 1) does it discriminate against a protected class 2) which protected class(es) 3) what type of discrimination (disparate impact or disparate treatment) 4) is the requirement a BFOQ BFOQ? 1) Experienced firefighters needed. Must be able to lift and car

Legality of Lying

Is it ever legal to lie? Are there any motives or rights to behave unethcially in business?

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009

Using the American Recovery and Reeinvestment Act of 2009, need more clarity on: How the Tax Shield could help a business who is about to close their doors gain control over their debt financing and how to evaluate the financial stress of a business who was struck by a natural disaster after they received ARRA gains. Is ban

Equal Protection Clause

Identify and define the three standards of review used by the Supreme Court when deciding cases under the Equal Protection Clause. What is the importance of the distinctions between each?

Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Section 803

Do we really need to have the CEO and CFO sign off on the quarterly and annual reports? What's wrong with delegating this responsibility to another person in the organization? Do you agree with Section 803 of SOX? Should any judgement resulting from securities fraud be nondischargeable? Why or why not?

Employer Discrimination Law

What are some ways that employers can ensure interviewers do not violate employment discrimination laws, for both direct discrimination and adverse impact?