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Business Law

Protection of Checks and Funds Transfers

Support your responses with appropriate cases, laws, and other relevant examples. Cite references Brittany currently attends college and runs her new business, Pampered Pets, a sole proprietorship she created in her sophomore year. Since Brittany is a student, she does not have much capital and seeks to save money where she c

Determining a Valid Contract

You are currently an intern working for the largest law firm in Alabama. Your mentor and senior attorney introduces you to a new client, Dick Jefferson, the owner of House Doctor, Inc. Mr. Jefferson relates the following story during the meeting. Jefferson met with Yolanda Jackson, 85 years old, and her son, Melvin, about ad

Status Quo Approach on the Copyright Protection of Pharmaceuticals

In "Intellectual Property and Pharmaceutical Drugs: An Ethical Analysis," Richard T. De George lays out what he comes to call the "Status Quo Approach" as a defense of copyright protection of pharmaceuticals. Do you find this argument persuasive regarding ethical pricing of pharmaceuticals? Why, or why not?

Title VII and Religious Accomodation

This solution is about 350 words and includes one reference. The specific case scenario is: Title VII requires employers to reasonably accomodate an employee's religion and religious practices to the extent that accomodation does not cause undue hardship. Discuss the six factors that will be considered by the courts and the EE

Voiding Contract Case Study

Please help me with this case study. Dealing with Dogs Ashley wanted to breed dogs. She had always loved animals. Now that she has graduated high school, Ashley thought she could become a breeder. According to her research, breeding would be profitable. Ashley already owned a female German shepherd, so she wanted to purch

Business Law Case Study - Paycheck

Mark and the Money Mark, an employee of Blue Bonnet Factory, cashed his last paycheck at FastCash, Inc. Blue Bonnet issued a stop payment order on the check. The manager at Blue Bonnet Factory determined that Mark had not earned a check for his last week of work. Other employees claimed that they had punched the clock for Mar

Contract Law

Three of the Family First Farm board members entered into an agreement to purchase a new tract of land to plant orange and grapefruit trees. The board hired an independent contractor to prepare the tract of land. The independent contractor used a special chemical to fertilize the land. Because Family First Farm was family orient

Janie and the Jawbreakers

Janie and the Jawbreakers Janie was only ten years old and she enjoyed going to work with her mom on Fridays. Employees were allowed to bring their children to work on this day. Janie loved it when her mom bought jawbreakers from the candy store at the mall. When Janie went to work with her mom, Janie and the other children w

Breach of Contract Case Study

Distinctive and Idea Furniture Company Idea Furniture Company (IDEA) sells home furnishings that require some assembly by the customer. To make it easier for the customers, IDEA provides simple instructions and arranges the hardware, such as screws, nuts, bolts, and other items, in specially designed pouches that were sealed

Celia and her Coffee

Celia and her Coffee Celia was addicted to her morning cup of coffee from the local coffee shop. This morning, the line at the coffee shop was too long. Therefore, Celia decided to get a cup of coffee from the vending machine at work. The coffee was so hot that Celia dropped it all over itself. Celia was badly burned. Celia f

Business Law in 'Frivolous' Cases.

Hello, From the attached cases, and in the format given below, compare and contrast the facts, law, and merits of the two lawsuits by answering the following questions. 1. What are the facts? 2. What are the issues? 3. What laws apply? 4. What did the judge and jury decide? 5. Did the judge and jury make

Unemployment insurance act

Unemployment insurance act -Why it was created, how it has infulenced the area of Human Resources? -What the future holds in this area (is there legislation pending that might affect this act)? -How does this act affected the employer? -How has it affected the employee? -Do you agree that this act was necessary? Why or wh

Legal reasoning

Tom decided to build a home. In order to obtain financing, he contacted City Mortgage Co. At a meeting with Alex Martinez on City Mortgage's behalf, Tom signed a temporary loan agreement with Strass Bank on January 1, 2001. Martinez assured Tom that he did not need to make payments on the loan until his house is built and perman

Joe Zapato is an executive manager for a manufacturer of athletic shoes

Joe Zapato is an executive manager for a manufacturer of athletic shoes. Joe's company could increase its profit by shifting manufacturing operations to Vietnam where they could hire children to assemble shoes for $50 a month. What are the legal and ethical issues involved in this decision?

Defining Legal Terms

Please help define the following legal terms with examples or situations where the term applies. Give brief explanations for each. good samaritan law respondeat superior standard of care statute of limitations risk managment

Analyze Case Law of Gordy v. Daily News, L.P., 95 F.3d 829 (9th Cir. 1996)

Review and brief the case of Gordy v. Daily News, L.P., 95 F.3d 829 (9th Cir. 1996) What is the issue? What were the primary arguments made by the plaintiff and defendant? What rules of law did the court use when making its decision? What is the court's rationale for the ruling? Do you agree with the outcome of the c

Civil law violation and a criminal law violation

1. Provide an example of a civil law violation and a criminal law violation. Explain the difference between the two. 2. Are regulations overburdensome to businesses? Why or why not? Use at least one specific regulation to illustrate your point.

Domestic and International Legal Issues Question

If you and a team of co-workers were being assigned to open a branch office in a foreign country; as branch manager, what storage and retrieval capabilities would you want your HRIS to have? There are laws in the United States regarding what information you may gather as well as who may see the information. What measures would y

Domestic and International Legal Issues

Please click on the link below for information about our case. It begins on page 12. 1. Who should be involved in future global integration projects? What skills should team members have and how should they be selected? 2. When and

California's Cap-Trade Law Faces Fall Ballot Challenge

1. Other than the market for energy itself, what is a market that might be affected by a cap and trade policy? Explain. 2. In the market you chose, which curve (supply or demand) would shift in response to the policy? Which shifter is affected? Will it increase or decrease? 3. Draw a supply and demand graph. Shift the curv

Legal Measures to Minimize Employee Claims

What legal measures may an employer take to minimize employee claims and other employment-related liabilities, such as wrongful discharge? Consider, for example, whether an employer could require a job applicant to agree to the following: - Never sue for wrongful discharge - Agree that any employment disputes are only resol

The Relationship Between Legal Counsel and HR Professionals

I am in need of some help supplying a preliminary list of a minimum of 10 questions that I will use to inquire about the roles of, and relationship between, legal counsel and the HR professional. These are the points I need to take in to consideration for my interview questions and in order to put my project together. The t

Contract Law - Definitions and Explanations

1. Explain the difference between law and morals. 2. Explain the difference between situational ethics and rational ethics. 3. Identify the two parts of the U.S. Constitution. 4. Define the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). 5. Define the purpose of Tort law. 6. Define the term "contract." 7. Identify the five elem