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Employment Law - Disability and Accommodation

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Q#1 Also, please remember that an employer never has to "create" a job for a disabled employee. The employee must always be able to perform the "essential" functions of the job in order to be "qualified" for the job, and, therefore protected under the ADA.
Please elaborate on this statement.

Q#2 I work in HR so I am always on the frontline for protecting the employee. I think that employers need to try everything to reasonably accommodate someone with an impairment.
Please elaborate on this statement.

Q#3 Based on the Overton versus Reilly case--Do you really think it was "reasonable" for the employer to accommodate Overton by allowing him to nap whenever he needed to?

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Discusses various questions related to disability, reasonable accommodation.

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Q1. This statement means that the employer is not required to create a totally new job in order to accommodate the disable person. Rather, the employer should make reasonable accommodations within the current job and if the disabled employee is able to fulfill the requirements of the job via such reasonable accommodations, ...

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