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    Litte's Law, Measurement Techniques ,Process Throughput Time

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    1. Explain Little's Law and how it can be used.
    2. Define a process and basic process measures such as cycle time and utilization.
    3. Explain how a firm determines its available capacity.
    4. The United States economy cannot support itself solely on its service industry. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Defend your position.
    5. Explain how work measurement techniques, particularly flow diagrams and work sampling, are used in services as well as manufacturing.
    6. Provide examples of how process throughput time can be reduced.

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    1. Little's Law is essentially a law that explains that the average number of customers that an organization has can be determined by the average rate by which these customers arrive at a business location etc. on a continuous basis, multiplied by the average amount of time that these customers spends at the business location overall. This law can be effectively utilized in order to help business leaders and analysts to make the determination as to the average number of customers that patronize their businesses at any given period of time. This law could also be utilized by leadership and/or analysts of any type of organization, in order to make the determination as to how many individuals are served by the organization per hour, per day, per year, etc. this law could also be utilized in order to make the determination as to whether or not there is ...