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    Intoxicated Contracts and Liability

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    1. Intoxicated, Clio agrees to sell her restaurant, Diners Cafe, to Evan for half of its real market value. This deal is most likely void if

    a. Clio appeared intoxicated to Evan.
    b. Clio disaffirms the contract after becoming sober.
    c. Clio was so intoxicated as to have no memory of the deal.
    d. Evan fraudulently induced Clio to become intoxicated.

    2. Under the doctrine of strict liability, liability is imposed strictly according to fault.
    T F.

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    A person who enters into a contract when she is intoxicated can void the contract if she did not comprehend the legal ...

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    This solution answers a question regarding the doctrine of strict liability, if it is imposed strictly according to fault. It also discusses quickly if an intoxicated person (Clio)enters into a agreement to sell her restaurant for half price the condition that the deal would be void.