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Business Law

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

Shirley Hoffman was a whiz at her indexing job at Caterpillar Inc. She moved faster than almost anyone, even though she was born without a left arm below the elbow. Several accomodations, including rearranging some items in her work space, allowed her to do the job. But when Hoffman asked to be trained on the department's high-s

UAV and Law Enforcement

I am in the process of preparing a response regarding UAVs as emerging technology in law enforcement. Could someone please give me a brief overview of this topic? The main areas I need assistance in are regarding the value chain analysis for law enforcement that includes the public, law enforcement officials, and suspects. How s

Employees may lose focus for their job duties and begin to miss work due to outside stress factors, such as caring for an ill spouse. When an employer notices errors and uncharacteristic issues with a worker, there are one of two things that can be done: define the problem and create a solution - or ignore it. This solution includes a reference on Federal labor laws that may apply, along with containing over 350 words.

The textbook case posed by the student was: You are a member of the senior hospital administration. You become aware of a problem involving a long-time and well-respected employee, as well as the employee's suervisor. The employee in question is a social worker; a very competent and very conscientious professional. His wife has

Performance Rating Systems

1/ Explain the value of documentation in performance rating systems and how it can create change in the organization. 2/ Select an athlete from the national football league and study the performance trends of his career. Once you have reviewed his performance trends, provide three bullets about how his career has been succes

An entrepreneur buys a business, then discovers the seller has taken a job with the competition. The potential ramifications could be decreased sales as the former owner is now soliciting business away from the new owner. This solution is over 300 words and includes a reference on the type of legal protection the entrepreneur may have.

The solution is more than 300 words, with a reference, to analyze what happens when an entrepreneur buys a business and discovers the previous owner is now working for the competition. The specific textbook case is: A man entered into a contract to buy a small business from the entrepreneur who had started it. Before completing

Children's Advertising Law

1. Issues: What is the problem with Children's advertising? Trace the sequence of events that led to the new law on consumer protection. Assess the intensity of social pressures leading to the law and its evolution. Represent the evolution in a curve, indicating the key events that permitted to divide into distinct phases. What

Partnership, corporation and limited liability

Which is better option of organization if you are opening an small business with a partner and both are investing the same amount of money, a partnership, a corporation or a limited liability company? Which will pay less taxes? Which is better protect against lawsuits or torts?

Surrogate Mother Contract Case

Case Study: William Stern vs. Mary Beth Whitehead New Jersey Supreme Court 109 NJ 396, 537A. 2d 1227 Decision: February 2, 1988 Facts: William and Elizabeth Stern placed an advertisement looking for a surrogate mother. Mary Beth Whitehead responded and entered into a contract with William Stern. Elizabeth Stern, Willi

Employment Law - Disability and Accommodation

Q#1 Also, please remember that an employer never has to "create" a job for a disabled employee. The employee must always be able to perform the "essential" functions of the job in order to be "qualified" for the job, and, therefore protected under the ADA. Please elaborate on this statement. Q#2 I work in HR so I am always

Draft Landscaping Contract

I and my partner have recently started a residential landscaping and lawn care company in Kearney, Nebraska. We are anxious to gain new customers and we bids for services are generally lower than other residential landscaping and lawn care companies in this area. Because of our pricing and because we are so prompt and efficient

Termination of Employees

You are a member of the management team at your place of employment. You have been tasked to create a policy for the termination of employees "for just cause." What specific components would you include in your termination policy? Why? 300 words or more.

Business Law - Implied Contract During Job Interview

This business law case study analyzes the scenario of what occurs during a job interview. Upon concluding a job interview, the candidate (Burt) was told by the interviewer (Michael) "I look forward to working with you." Additionally, Burt was from New York and Michael further offered to help him with his move to San Diego. Based


Explain and describe how arbitration works, and how it may benefit, or hinder either side.

Supply Contract

Supply Contract: For a make-to-stock situation, the manufacturer incurs a fixed production cost of $20,000 and a variable cost of $60 per unit. The salvage value is $15 per unit.The market department has given the following expected demand distribution for the product: Demand Probability 5,000 0.25 6,000 0.20 7,000 0.20

Protecting Employees Rights

I was recently advised of a situation that took place at my work location where an employee accessed inappropriate information from her work computer and she made several copies of it. Management was informed of the situation and she was terminated as a result of her actions. An employee who reported the information to managemen

Constitutional Law Debate

Create a solid argument on the judicial branch detailing the followind debate: Why the judical branch branch is powerfull or if it has the most power. Where the source of the power is derived from. Provide current event examples of the power of the judicial branch. 575 word essay with reference.

Appraise the Reporting Requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Appraise the Reporting Requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires companies to provide reports from management on the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting. Please visit the PCAOB website and review Standard 5. In addition, visit the SEC website and explore the Sarbanes-Oxley

Types of Entities, Tax and Legal Advantages

Please help writing about this topic. Assume you are the new tax and accounting consultant for a small business client, Jon Smith. His consulting practice that he owns 100% and is the only employee of has previously been reported on Schedule C as a proprietorship. You want to advise him about the tax and legal advantages of beco

Legal Challenges to Affirmative Action

There have been several challenges in the court systems regarding the legality of affirmative action plans. If and when these challenges have the result in weakening affirmative action programs in organizations, what affects do you think that will have on the prospects of women and minorities in the future? Do you think these pr

The Flow of Funds Model

Define the flow of funds model and explain each component, including how funds flow from savers to producers. Your response should be 250 words in length.

Partnership Law.

Eric Stratum and Terese Brown formed ESTB, L.L.C., a member-managed limited liability company created for the purpose of owning and leasing a residential apartment building. The term of the LLC was 25 years. Their operating agreement provided that each owned 50 percent of the LLC. Stratum contributed $120,000 cash as his contrib

Business Law Case: Michael P. Feloney V. Robert W. Baye

For the following case, answer the questions: Michael P. Feloney, Appellant, V. Robert W. Baye, Appellee., No. S-11-79. Supreme Court Of Nebraska, 283 Neb. 972; 815 N.W.2d 160; 2012 Neb. Lexis 78 I. CITATION List the case name and official citation. Also identify the court which is rendering the decision and the year the

Competitive business practices

How effective are US laws in promoting fair and competitive business practices? Cite specific examples that support your answer.

Should Employee Background Checks by Legal?

Do you think employers have a right to check into applicants' backgrounds? - Even if there is no suspicion of misbehavior? - Even if the job poses no security or sensitive risks? - Even if the background check includes driving offenses and credit histories? - Why or why not? Research some of the regulations that num

Sport Management and Federal Legislation

Aside from the ADA and Title IX, identify one piece of federal legislation that has had an impact on sport. Define and discuss the importance of the federal legislations and the impact it had on sport. Complete additional research as necessary to find a scholarly source to overview the federal legislation of your choice.

Analysis of Gaming Laws in Massachusetts

Please provide assistance when reading the three articles on gaming laws for Massachusetts, synthesize the articles and give a brief overview of gaming laws. Any direction would be much appreciated. The three articles I am looking at can be found at the following links: