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Mark Cuban & Insider Trading

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In 2009, the case filed against Cuban was dismissed in a federal district court but the government appealed and the case is now pending before the 5th Circuit US Court of Appeals. Cuban's defense is that the information he received wasn't confidential.

Assume the Mamma.com executive got caught up in the moment and simply forgot to tell Cuban that the information was confidential --- But nevertheless, when Cuban heard the information, he immediately believed the information to be confidential, and went on throughout the conversation without asking the Mamma.com executive about whether the information was confidential, and hoping that the Mamma.com executive wouldn't bring it up, which, (at least in our example) the executive never did.

Do you think Cuban's actions in this example are ethical? A smart business decision? Why or why not?

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The expert examines Mark Cuban and insider trading.

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No, Mark Cuban's actions were not ethical. He received insider information that the company was going to offer ...

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