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Working Conditions: Parental Leave and Economic Benefits

Globally, the most economically competitive countries provide, on average, longer parental leave, as well as more leave to care for children. But there is an enormous payoff to improving working conditions from lowering long-term family poverty to improving population health and education and increasing their associated economic and social benefits. Given the current economic climate, can we really afford to improve working conditions for family. What would be the payoff for doing so?

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There is a definite payoff for companies that decide to improve benefits for workers. The companies do suffer an economic loss due to the additional time off and all of the expenses that come with that time off. However, we can easily see the advantages of offering generous benefits that are based on family and parenting time. In my opinion, companies need to take an innovative lead. We basically need employees working while we want to afford them the time off to go on ...

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This solution discusses how employers can afford to improve working conditions in today's economy, and the payoff for doing so.