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Business Law

corporate form of ownership, stockholder rights

When forming a company, the options are sole proprietor, partnership, and corporation. Most choose incorporation. Why is the corporate form seen to be best? What rights do the stockholders have?

Law and business today, four components that make up legal astuteness

Law and Business Today Please respond to the following: Looking at the legal environment of business today, discuss where you see the law has fallen short for businesses or consumers. Review the four components that make up legal astuteness and rank order the four components in order of most valuable to managers in today's

how much power one party will have over the other in contract negotiations

When a contract is negotiated with a vendor for procurement of costly and special products, rather than off-the-shelf products, there can be a lot of negotiations. There will be conflicts that need to be resolved regarding matters such as price and penalties for non-compliance. In such negotiations, the party that has more power

Business Law

Reference reading is Business Law: Legal Environment, Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and International Issues, 7th ed., by Henry R. Cheeseman (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2010). Members of Students for Fair Tuition (SFT) decide to protest rising tuition costs at Gigantic State University (GSU) by taking

holder in due course

Bridezilla Wedding Planning issued two checks totaling $150,000 to BabyCakes Bakery for wedding cakes it had purchased. BabyCakes Bakery endorsed the checks over to the law firm of Shark & Shyster as payment for a retainer. BabyCakes Bakery, soon after, collapsed as a business, and Bridezilla Wedding Planning stopped payment on

Non-Compete Agreement

You are the attorney for WABC, a New York City television news outfit, and you are in charge of drafting a non-compete agreement for the new anchorperson Bob Bobswell. Bobswell was born and raised in New York, but educated in California. His most recent job was as an anchorman in Minnesota. Assuming that non-compete agreements

Walt Shoddy, the owner of Shoddy Shoe Repair, was contemplating retirement

Walt Shoddy, the owner of Shoddy Shoe Repair, was contemplating retirement. He therefore contracted to sell the business to Pauline Parker. Shoddy Shoe Repair was located in Hoosierburg, Indiana, which has a population of 5,233. Besides containing a provision entitling Parker to use the Shoddy Shoe Repair name for the business,


Herschel contracts with Ivy to buy a certain coffee shop, Java Jive, for Ivy, who asks Herschel not to reveal her identity. Herschel makes a deal with Kendal, the owner of the restaurant, and makes a down payment. Ivy fails to pay the rest of the price, and does not pay Herschel for his services. Does Herschel have any recourse

Employment contract

Rebuilding The Employment Contract: Practices, Policies, and Politics: Regarding the above broad topic, please review an employment contract. This can be your own or that of someone you know or one found online. Read it carefully and fully. Tell me what you learned by reading the contract. Did you understand the terms

Business Law

Read the information contained in the "How to Form A Single Member LLC" (see attachment) and provide a brief summary of your research findings.

This posting addresses the UCC and related areas.

1. Article 2 of the UCC governs the sale of goods. True False 2. Article 2 of the UCC with respect to firm offers in general establishes more stringent rules for non-merchants than for merchants. True False 3. A contract with a seller in NY that states delivery is "FOB New York" is a destination contract. True False 4.

Business Law Alternative Methods

1.) Discuss how the following could occur given what Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution says. Is this decision wrong? 2.) Select a case and explain how it is processed throughout the various legal phases. Because most cases never make it to trial, it is also important to consider alternative methods of dispute resolutio

This posting addresses legal issues with web sites.

Today, an ever increasing percentage of our purchases take place using the Internet. Most every brick-and-mortar retailer also has a website; in addition there are many on-line only sellers as well. Let's discuss in general how we think the law should respond to this changing retail environment. Has the law kept up? Are online r

Anti-discrimination laws

Federal laws enacted over the past 50+ years seek to deal with discrimination in employment. The kinds of discrimination addressed range from gender to race, and other categories as well. Are these various anti-discrimination laws necessary? Do they continue to serve a valid purpose? Is discrimination in the workplace a problem

This posting discusses Levy and Associates hidden cameras

Levy and Associates installed a hidden camera in its offices after several employees complained of theft. The secret cameras were installed in the area where only female employees worked because a manager had a "feeling" that they were the ones responsible for the thefts. The surveillance cameras rotated 360 degrees and filmed o

This posting addresses Emily's entitlement rights.

Emily had a wonderful twenty-first birthday celebration. Her boyfriend gave her a mini-DVD camcorder, and her sister gave her a $50 gift certificate to Tom Shea's, a popular seafood restaurant. Emily's grandfather telephoned her from Florida to say his present to her was his convertible sports car. She could pick it up at his wi

Title transfers under UCC Article 2

What are the different ways that title transfers under UCC Article 2? Which party bears the risk? What distinguishes a sale on approval, sale on consignment, and sale or return under UCC Article 2? What are the remedies for contract breach available under UCC Article 2? What are the types of warranties available under

Description of the Functions of Law.

The four of the main functions of law described; discussed; with examples and opinions as to whether or not the each function of the law fullfills its purpose

Corliss vs. Wenner and Anderson Case

Describe the following: The parties (Who is the plaintiff? The defendant? The appellant? The appellee?) The history of the case (Who won at trial court? Who won at the lower appellate level? Who won in this decision?) The facts (What happened that caused the plaintiff to sue?) The plaintiff's theory (Why he thinks he i

In the novelist John Grisham's work "Testament," the decedant, a reclusive industrial billionaire disinherits all of his children, except for one daughter who is a medical missionary in Brasil. Some cultures, ours included, allow the decedent to disinherit any or all of his/her children. Other cultures and legal systems absolutely refuse to allow a decendant, man or woman, to disinherit a child, minor or adult. Which system resonates with you personally?

In the novelist John Grisham's work "Testament," the decedant, a reclusive industrial billionaire disinherits all of his children, except for one daughter who is a medical missionary in Brasil. Some cultures, ours included, allow the decedent to disinherit any or all of his/her children. Other cultures and legal systems absolute

Personal Negotiation Style

Question 1 Describe your personal negotiation style and why it is good to understand a best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA) concept? Question2 Define ethics. Why do ethics matter in negotiation? Describe a time during negotiation when you either engaged in or observed unethical or borderline unethical behavior

Material & Nonmaterial Breach of Contract

What is the difference between a material breach of contract and a nonmaterial breach of contract? What are some examples of legal and equitable remedies available for breach of contracts? What are some legal excuses for nonperformance or other grounds for discharge of contracts? Provide examples.

Law of Sales and the Uniform Commercial Code

The ultimate goal is to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the laws that govern individuals and other entities in their business transactions. Share a 'blank' contract for Hewlett Packard auditing. Explain if the contract comes under the jurisdiction of article 2 of the UCC. If you do not have access to a 'bl

Croskey vs. BMW of North America

Brief Croskey v. BMW of North America. Include the people involved, the case's history, the plaintiff's claims, the defendant's claims, the issue being disputed and the holding of the court. In your opinion, was the case decided correctly?