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    Future global integration projects

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    1. Who should be involved in future global integration projects? What skills should team members have and how should they be selected?

    2. When and do you bring in contract programmers or software consultants? Should the work have been contracted out to a software vendor?

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    In the future global integration projects, the organization should play close attention to the selection of team members for the project as wrong selection of team members can lead to similar project related problems in the future as well.

    In terms of involvement for the future projects, a well balanced team comprising of experienced team members from both technical, business and project management side should be involved in the future. The team members should posses complementary skills that fills all the requisite gaps in terms of skill set requirements for the project.

    First of all, the organization should ensure that each team member selected for the project should possess extensive knowledge, experience or training about operating in cross cultural ...

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    Describes who should be involved in the global integration projects in the future and when to bring contract programmers.