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Domestic and International Legal Issues Question

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If you and a team of co-workers were being assigned to open a branch office in a foreign country; as branch manager, what storage and retrieval capabilities would you want your HRIS to have? There are laws in the United States regarding what information you may gather as well as who may see the information. What measures would you take to secure the security of your data in an international office?

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As a branch manager, I would like the HRIS to store, retrieve as well as analyze all the basic and important information/data pertaining to effective HR management, be it related to routine functions like payroll, taxation, attendance, etc. to other important functions like performance evaluation, benefits, bonuses, training, etc. In other words, the HRIS should be comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of HR management. At the same time, HRIS should effectively integrate with the system at the headquarters as well.

As a branch ...

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