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Clear Policies to Balance Workplace Monitoring

Read the article about monitoring employees in the workplace. Briefly summarize the article 2. Pick a side and agree or disagree with the article and elaborate on your point of view

Phneah, E. (2012, 15 June). Clear Policies to balance workplace monitoring. ZDnet. Retrieved from

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According to the article, "Clear policies to balance workplace monitoring" (2012), employees should expect their emails, telephone calls, computers, and Internet access to be monitored while at work. However, at the same time there should be clear, written policies to identify this monitoring to protect employees' rights. The author points out that in Singapore there are "no laws to regulate how an employer is allowed to monitor its employees or explicitly recognize an employee's right to privacy" (Phneah, 2012), thus allowing companies to terminate employees based upon information received while monitoring.

The article states that in the United States employers must avoid monitoring employees through "questionable methods," such as using in-house computer systems to "access private ...

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This detailed solution summarizes an article about workplace monitoring, and picks a side of the argument to argue in favor of monitoring, utilizing examples and APA formatted references.