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    Products Liability as Gun Control?

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    Review the portion that deals with Products Liability, and then read this Huffington Post article:


    Do you think gun manufacturers and sellers should be held civilly (not criminally) liable for selling guns that are then used to commit crimes? Do you think it makes a difference if the gun was purchased legally (as in the Newton, CT shooting) or illegally (as in the DC Sniper case from several years ago)?

    Finally, if you were the owner of a gun manufacturing company and found out that one of your guns was illegally sold and then used to commit crimes, would you pay compensation to the victims or their families, even if you were not required to do so by law?

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    The manufacturers and sellers should not be held civilly liable for selling guns that are then used to commit crimes, due to the fact that gun sellers have no control over the actions of the individuals in which guns are sold ...

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