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Business Law

Thunderbird & Night Train Express: A Role Playing Exercise!

E&J Gallow, the world's largest winery, has just announced that it will stop selling its Thunderbird and Night Train Express wines in a rough neighborhood of San Francisco, called "the Tenderloin." Thunderbird and Night Train Express are both inexpensive wines with an extremely high alcohol content. They are also some of the to

Cost Per Case: Inpatient Capitated Contract

You have been asked by management to explain the variances in costs under your inpatient capitated contract. The following data is provided. Budget Actual Inpatient Costs $12,568,500 $16,618,350 Members 42,000

Working Conditions: Parental Leave and Economic Benefits

Globally, the most economically competitive countries provide, on average, longer parental leave, as well as more leave to care for children. But there is an enormous payoff to improving working conditions from lowering long-term family poverty to improving population health and education and increasing their associated economic

Betty Wilson and her Christian Coffeehouse Business Law Case

Betty Wilson, a mature Christian, is thinking of opening a Christian coffeehouse in Belmont, NC. Her husband John is open to making a contribution of capital to the business, but he has no interest in participating in its operation or management. Betty's sister, Alice, a new Christian, has told Betty that she's been looking

Electronic Surveillance and Monitoring of Employees

The case study was: Electronic surveillance is not a black and white question but as certain laws inferred notice to the employee is important. A major issue in this debate is the type of electronic surveillance to be used in an employment setting. However, and depending on the state law, generally an employer can monitor emplo

Privacy of genetic information

Analyze the issues involved in the privacy of genetic information and anticipate what additional issues will most likely arise in the next 10 to 20 years, as well as how those issues should be addressed.

Organizational Behavior: Psychological Contract

Textbook: Organizational Behavior, 4th Edition. Emerging Realities for the Workplace Revolution. By: Steven L. McShane and Mary Ann Von Glinow Jack Santoni works on the field production crew at Gusher Drilling Company. When he joined the company five years ago, the supervisor who hired him said Jack could use the company's

Case Study: Business Law

Review the attached Case Study and answer the couple of questions in original words. Benji Watson graduated near the top of his class in the Liberty University MBA program, and he was recruited by several national corporations. One of those corporations was New Gen Health Sciences. New Gen manufactures and sells various vit

Violation of Compliance and the Law

Using the news article below, it shows there has been a violation of compliance or the law. Please answer the following questions with a 150 - 200 word response: 1. Summarize the article (violation). 2. What do you think the organization in violation could have done differently? 3. What impact does the violation have on

Image Management After Law Suits

After the occurrence of Hurricane Katrina, insurance companies refused to pay claims to insurance holders who paid premiums on time and had binding legal contracts. What do you think the impact is to the "image management" that these insurance companies will have to deal with after all of the lawsuits?

Legal Business Issues

Scenario: John has been working on developing a software program that will enable people to construct very complex spreadsheets through simple voice commends (for example, "Regress costs against revenue."). John does this work on his company laptop during his lunch breaks at Mega Corporation, where he works as a systems analyst

Legal Business Issues: Product Changes and Issues

Scenario: Your company makes baby seats for cars and RVs. Your main product was designed some time ago, and new and better engineering data are now available, but your product has a good record with very few quality problems. Even in most crashes, the seats perform well. Still, the new information would allow you to upgrade the

Legal Business Issues: Sexual Harassment

Scenario: Joan has been a manager with Argos for the past 15 years. She is known to be aggressive and tough and always gets results. She is demanding of her employees and is often brusque with them. Last Thursday, she passed James in the hall and remarked that he looked good in his new gray suit. James filed a sexual harassment

Property and Consumer Law

Case Summary Kelo V. City of New London, Connecticut FACTS: New London, Connecticut, was declining economically. The city's unemployment rate was double that of the state generally, and the population at its lowest point in 75 years. In response, state and local officials targeted a section of the city called Fort Trumbull f

Clear Policies to Balance Workplace Monitoring

Read the article about monitoring employees in the workplace. Briefly summarize the article 2. Pick a side and agree or disagree with the article and elaborate on your point of view Phneah, E. (2012, 15 June). Clear Policies to balance workplace monitoring. ZDnet. Retrieved from

HITECH Act and the Future of Medical Information Technology

A) The HITECH Act: What is it? What steps do we need to take in Medical Information Technology? B) What steps will you take to prepare your organization for the future of Medical Information Technology, as a CEO or CIO in a hospital? What are the repercussions of Medical Information Technology in the world due to the Act?

Business Law and Types of Businesses

Consider each of the following forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, franchise, and corporate form. Develop scenarios in which each of these forms of business would be the preferred form. For each scenario, justify why the corresponding busin

Family First Farm Legal Questions

Family First Farm is a small family-owned business in Florida that grows a variety of fruits and vegetables. Although Family First Farm is a small business, they employee 15 full-time employees. Depending on the time of the year, the farm may employ 20 to 30 temporary hourly employees. They also operate several small retail outl

Postdated Check and Holder in Due Course Right: Check and Funds Transfer Case

David was concerned about his brother-in-law, Gerald. Gerald lost his job over two years ago, and he was not trying very hard to find a new job. David decided to help Gerald out when Gerald could not meet his mortgage last month. Sarah, Gerald's wife and David's sister, had been trying to make the monthly payments. However, last

Is this a valid salary offer?

After completing his law degree, Bud starts looking for a job. Bud remains unemployed for several months before the firm of Cheatham and Moore agrees to hire him. Nervously, Bud asks what his salary will be. Cheatham says they will pay him what they think he is worth. Is this a valid offer? Why or why not? What if Cheath

Bilateral and Unilateral Contracts

Discuss the reasoning of the court in the case of Ardito et al. v. City of Providence, 213 F.Supp. 2d 358 (D RI). Can you identify an offer and an acceptance in this case? Can you make out a bilateral or unilateral contract? How could the October 15 letter be revised to avoid being considered a unilateral contract?

Liability to Business Invitees

Kim went to Ling's Market to pick up a few items for dinner. It was a rainy, windy day and the wind had blown water through the door of Ling's Market each time the door opened. As Kim entered the store, she slipped and fell in approximately one-half inch of water that had accumulated on the floor. The manager knew of the weather

Legal Business Structures

Two individuals have decided to create a business. They have financing available and have a well-developed business plan. They have not decided which type of legal business structure would be best for them. What advice would you provide them in making this choice?

Harold and Henry's Hammer Company

Henry's Hammer Company purchased metal from Harold. Harold was an independent contractor who sold different types of the best metal in the state. Henry's Hammer Company was new to the area. The company's purchasing agents wanted to be sure that the hammers produced by the company would be of the highest quality. The purchase pri

Fourth Amendment Violation

Security guards at Target in Tampa were called to break up a fight in the parking lot. As they approached the two men, one of them, Jack, threw a punch at one of the guards. The other guard sprayed Jack with pepper spray, tackled him, and handcuffed him. While waiting for the police to come, they searched his pockets and rem

Business Law Case Study: Burg-Go

Haris is qualified yet inept electrician, and the director and majority shareholder of Burg-Go Sdn. Bhd. (Burg-Go). Burg-Go purports to specialise in installing burglar alarms. In fact, Haris has had little success in installing alarms, and now has several disgruntled customers. In particular, one of Burg-Go's customers, Alex

Contract Law: Sales and Product Liability

See the attached file. Case study (Contract Law: Sales and Product Liabilities) KELLER v. INLAND METALS All WEATHER CONDITIONNING, INC. Facts: When Brain and Clarice Keller installed an indoor swimming pool in the athletic club they owned, customers began to complain that the air near the pool was hot, humid, and foul-sme

Cybercrimes for IT Professionals

You are a legal expert who has been asked by a corporation to speak on the advantages of the cyber-court network, cyber-management, and cyber-discovery techniques. Your audience will be IT professionals who do not know anything about legal matters. Prepare a one-page outline for a speech. List at least three important points you