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    Litigation: Defective Products

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    A way to improve litigation is to provide more opportunity for larger settlements when people are hurt by defective products. Big corporations should feel the brunt of the legal recourse by victims through the use of juries who are unhindered in their settlement judgments. This would make corporations take the initiative to ensure their products are safe. However, companies are sued everyday and granted large amounts of money but still there are negligence. I am not sure if that would do any good. People know that smoking can cause cancer everyone see the commercials, and know people that has been affected by that terrible disease. That is a choice to smoke. You would think with cigarettes costing $5.00 plus a pack that would be a deterrent but it isn't. Any thoughts?

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    We see many examples of this. I remember seeing a news story last year where a 600+ pound man sued a fast food restaurant that he had frequented several times a day for years for "making" him obese. The man had complete control of his own health. He was of sound mind and an adult. I also recall a man that sued a restaurant within the past few years because they didn't have booths large enough for the man to sit. Several years ago, the wife of who was famously known as the Marlboro Man sued Marlboro for causing her husband's death, which was due to lung cancer. It was quickly proven by doctors that his lung cancer developed due to his chain smoking as the Marlboro Man. We see instances like this routinely. When people are injured, we have to determine ...

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