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Freedom of Commercial Speech

While most of us are appalled at the association of junk food with drugs, others will argue from a free market economist view that this is all about personal choices and freedom of commercial speech. Therefore, some people would be even more offended if government tries to ban the sale of junk food or restrain the marketing of junk food to children. Any thoughts? Do you think this is an area where government should step in and regulate the marketing of junk food to children?

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This is an area where government should not step in and regulate. Any regulation of food will create an impression that the government is taking away their freedom of choice. Besides, it will be very difficult to define junk food. There is a large amount of food being sold by cafeterias that may be perceived to be junk food. Removing options for people is not right. Banning junk food is a superficial strategy and should be avoided. The ban will be ...

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Need for Government intervention in commercial speech is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.