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Law of Diminishing Returns: Does Practice Make Perfect?

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Through my reading I found that The Law of Diminishing Returns says that continuous practice creates continuous improvement, even though improvements may be in smaller and smaller increments. If this is true, should anyone receive a grade of 100% on test, paper or demonstration of skill? Obviously, with diminishing returns, none of us ever gets it perfect. Are such scores counterproductive in that they create a sense of "being done" or "right" that stops our learners for continuing to practice? Do you think we should eliminate tests and scores because they are artificial and deter continuous development? Take a position and write a two to three paragraph position statement.

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This solution discusses the Law of Diminishing Returns in regards to doing perfectly on tests, papers, and demonstrations of skill. It also discusses if such scores are counterproductive and if tests and scores should be eliminated. A position is taken and explained through a position statement. APA formatted references are included.

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Each of us has been a victim or victor of the 'Power Law of Practice' (Clark, 2008) when studying for a much anticipated task. Ultimately, this is often the intuitive factor that makes you either study more or less. We each know that by studying more we are likely to do better, although at a certain point, there is less advantage to more studying. At that point, one must weigh their options to determine the cost/benefit analysis in terms of their other opportunities to best allocate out time. This is the Law of ...

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