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    Collective Bargaining Negotiation

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    Read: Collective Bargaining Negotiation Scenario: Harper Container Company and the United Chemical and Plastics Workers Union

    You are representing the "union/labor side" and your key negotiation issue is : unemployment benefits.

    Looking to develop a bargaining strategy and formulate bargaining demands regarding unemployment benefits. Be sure to anticipate the other side's proposal and or objectives.

    Looking only for help with "unemployment benefits" and how they pertain to this case.

    1. All demands must be based solely on the negotiation problem attached. Also, data, materials and information used for each position or argument on behalf of a proposal should not be falsified. Hence, you do not have poetic license to formulate demands outside of the issues described in the negotiation problem! In short, negotiations take place within the context of issues outlined in the exercise: the present company and union at the St. Louis, MO. plant.

    2. Because union and management are both ultimately accountable to stakeholders, a pragmatic or realistic approach to bargaining is expected for this simulation. As such, you should strive to negotiate demands that it believes to be most important (i.e. relative to the stakeholders). In formulating its demands, you should weigh the alternatives in light of the respective needs of the group it represents. For management, their ultimate responsibility is to the shareholders, for the union it is the rank-and-file.

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    This is an outline of a negotiation plan. I am sure you have other things that might need to be addressed or changed, so feel free to let me know if you need further help. A negotiation plan is not a one time thing, but a fluid plan that takes into consideration, all the aspects as they are discussed and changes where needed. I will update this with any changes or further help you need, but start here and see what more you feel is necessary for your part of the plan.

    The company has managed to avoid falling apart or closing during the economic downturn. This does not mean it went without tough economic impacts. The company strives to stay open. The union in return for the efforts of the company has agreed to keep, on a day to day basis, the previously negotiated contract. However, with conditions still shaky with the economy, the union would like assurances the unemployment benefits will meet the demands of employees if there should be changes.

    What is the ideal outcome?
    The company will ...

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