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Discrimination Case: Why it's wrong and how to avoid

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This solution address the following as related to discrimination:

1. Other than it being against the law, what's wrong with discrimination?
2. How is a supervisor involved in discrimination? Provide specific scenarios and examples.
3. When, if ever, should you discriminate (by the general definition)?

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1. Discrimination is wrong as it negatively impacts people based on physical traits, such as gender, skin color and disability limitations; or "intangible" traits such as religious beliefs or sexual orientation. For example, discrimination occurs in the workplace if a recruitment manager decides no African-Americans should be hired because "their kind" are prone to criminal activity. Discrimination occurs in housing as well, there may be an apartment manager who denies a family a unit because they do not want "kid noise" in the complex. ...

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This solution is about 350 words and answers three questions related to discrimination: why it is wrong and not just against the law, how supervisors become involved in discriminatory practices and if "discrimination" should ever be used.

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