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    Equality And Equity In Business: Gender, Discrimination

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    What policy do you think would promote equality in our business? How do you diagnose what is wrong with contemporary anti-discrimination policies? How do we avoid the side effect of reverse discrimination?

    Can the inequity between the genders be considered as a universal, and national, case of sexual harassment? How do we promote gender equity while increasing our business appeal?

    What is the deep source (including historical, social and behavioral conditions) that has created the problem? Are there conditions where gender inequity is a natural consequence of certain kinds of business?

    Try discussing the question from every perspective to see if we can synthesize some form of deontological principle that considers this problem from every angle.

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    First of all, gender inequality is a global phenomenon. Even in the most advanced countries, we see enough evidences of gender inequality. There are some countries in the world, where women are not eligible to vote, and cannot show their faces to others etc. It is definitely a global problem with the intensity varying with countries.

    When we say that it varies with countries, it is implied that there are measures which can be taken to improve the situation. In the developed countries in Western Europe or America, empowerment of women and various anti-discriminatory laws, have reduced the effect ...

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