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Affirmative Action and Wrongs of Discrimination

I need assistance answering the following questions with respect to ethical theories and practices...Kantian, Utilitarianism, etc.

1) What is the primary moral wrong committed by discrimination? (Support position with appeal to ethical/moral theory)

2) What are some primary moral justifications in favor of affirmative action? (Support position with appeal to ethical/moral theory)

3) Is affirmative action justified? Why, or why not?

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Policies of affirmative action protect against discrimination and attempt to counter the wrongs of long-standing discrimination, particularly those against blacks and women. Affirmative action can argue that such policies protect people against themselves by furthering the good of society.

Universally, discrimination devalues the worth of a group or an individual and unfairly inhibits their equal treatment in society by advancing the remaining people. This argument finds support dating to early philosophers. In ancient times, along with attained happiness and virtue, courage defined moral right. One must possess virtue and courage to act morally and attain real happiness.

The fact ...

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This is a short discussion of the moral wrong with discrimination and the moral justifications of affirmative action. Affirmative action is further discussed considering ethical/moral theories. 394 words with references.