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Business Law

Business Law: Pagan v. Glendale

What is the holding in Pagan v. Fruchey and Village of Glendale, 492 F.3d 766 (6th Cir. 2007) and why is it important to business law?

Solid Waste Agency v. United States Army Corps of Engineers

Refer to the law case Solid Waste Agency of North Cook County v. United States Army Corps of Engineers and answer the following question. What's your opinion on whether or not the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers should protect the habitat of migratory birds?

Reinstatement and Back Pay Remedy for Illegal Discharge

Following a representation election campaign in which the union was elected by a majority vote to represent a group of company employees, the employer was found guilty of unlawfully discharging 20 employees during the election campaign for engaging in lawful union organizing activities. The employer entered into a voluntary sett

Employee Privacy Rights Violation

Read the 2 cases below and respond to each case. Please Include references Case #1 The FBI received a tip that an employee of an IT company was accessing child pornography from his workplace computer. When approached by the FBI, the company confirmed that the employee had regularly visited the web sites. Company officials en

Business scenarios' best and worst case outcomes

How do the following affect business in the united states? Provide best and worst case scenarios. Sex Discrimination Workers Compensation Unemployment Benefits Plant Closing Family and Medical Leave Act

Foreign countries foreign issuers and the Sarbanes Oxley Act

Foreign countries tend to have less stringent laws than in the US for regulating ethics and standards. How does the Sarbanes Oxley Act affect foreign corporations, if at all? Discuss, in thoughtful detail, why these companies should or should not be entitled to be exempt from this rule?

Ideal situation for arbitration

* Would you please give me a detailed example of a description of a conflict that arbitration would be used. * Please explain why arbitration would be most appropriate to resolve the conflict and most effective in doing so. *Then please justify the choice of arbitration, that is, explain why you think the approach that you s

Human Resource Problems: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Each question needs to be answered in 600 words or more. Please provide a full justification for your reasoning and references. 1. A woman hired as a prison librarian complained about harassment by a supervisor from another agency that operated at the prison. The behavior that was the subject of her complaint, some of which

Employee Relations and Court Rule

Read each case and decide how the court should rule. Fully explain your reasoning for the decision. Provide references. 1. Gail Davis worked as an executive assistant to Motown legend Diana Ross. After about a year, the woman voluntarily resigned. About a year later, Diana Ross wrote and distributed the following letter:

Judging Employee Relations

1. A fifty-three director of an assisted living facility was terminated. Top managers regularly made statements such as Silver Oaks should be a "youth-oriented company," there was "no room for dead wood," Silver Oak was a "young company" that "enjoys hiring energetic people," the company was "missing the boat by not hiring more

Affirmative Action: Pros and Cons

1. What are the pros of Affirmative Action? Cite and discuss a relevant case where Affirmative Action was justified. 2. What are the cons of Affirmative Action? Cite and discuss a relevant case where Affirmative Action was enforced to the detriment of the most qualified employee? 3. In your opinion, what does the future ho

Are Employees and Employers Bound by Employee Handbooks?

1. An employee signs a document acknowledging that they read and fully understand the employee handbook. Shouldn't an employer be bound by anything written in an employee handbook when disciplining or discharging the employee? 2. Is it fair for an employer to change or modify the handbook at their discretion?

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Organization's Mission and Vision

1. How often should an organization's vision/mission be changed in light of strategy evaluation activities? Explain you rationale. 2. What does the concept of corporate social responsibility mean for businesses? What sort of conflicts does corporate social responsibility create for corporations? Is there a conflict between

Legal Issues with Compounding Pharmacies

You are a new associate at the law firm of Dewey, Chetum, and Howe. John, a former researcher at PharmaCARE, comes to your office. He has concerns about PharmaCARE's use of AD23, one of the company's top-selling diabetes drugs. Two years ago, after PharmaCARE's research indicated that AD23 might also slow the progression of Alzh

Are job descriptions important the design of an organization?

Are job descriptions a necessary tool within an organization? How does a job description help organize and align an organization's infrastructure? Can a job description be used to identify operation gaps or requirements required by the entity? Why or why not?

Key Issues in Public Administration

Review the information on Pendleton Act of 1883. Hypothesize three to four (3-4) revisions that a law maker could consider in order to improve performance and eliminate political influence in today's government agencies. Provide a rationale for your response. The Hatch Act defines prohibited activities of public employees. An

Florida's Court System

I am specifically trying to compare district courts to the state supreme court including funding source and what happens on each level

PharmaCARE Case Study: Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

PharmaCARE (We CARE about YOUR health®) is one of the world's most successful pharmaceutical companies, enjoying a reputation as a caring, ethical and well-run company that produces high-quality products that save millions of lives and enhance the quality of life for millions of others. The company offers free and discounted dr

Employment-at-will Case Study: Chief Operating Officer

Imagine you are a recently-hired Chief Operating Officer (COO) in a midsize company preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). You quickly discover multiple personnel problems that require your immediate attention. 1. John posted a rant on his Facebook page in which he criticized the company's most important customer. 2.

Ecrow Canellation Letter Example

Please help in writing a sample escrow cancellation letter from as a buyer in the following scenario: The buyer will not move forward and complete the deal of purchasing a xyz restaurant due to lease terms of 10 years instead of 15 years. The buyer has initially asked for a 15 years lease and before the start of escrow, the

Business Ethics: Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Legislation

The social function of business ethics is implicit in leading business ethics foundation theories. For this question, you will research and respond to questions related to corporate ethics scandals, unethical behavior, and the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Legislation (SOX). Look for a recent body of research in the area of corporate

Whistleblowing and Sarbanes-Oxley

Identify instances of whistleblowing in publicly traded companies within the last 12 months. 1. Describe the key characteristics of a whistleblower, and briefly summarize one (1) researched instance of whistleblowing in one (1) publicly traded company within the last 12 months. Include the details of the issue that the whist

C-section crisis in healthcare

Instructions: Working in the health industry, one will be faced with certain ethical dilemmas even though they're not providing direct patient care. Below is a fictitious ethical dilemma that someone working in the business-side of health care might face. Read the case study (you may use articles provided for background informat

Hazard communication standards

What is the hazard communication standard? Explain how this standard applies to the workplace. What should employers do in order to be compliant with this standard? What are the possible implications to an employer for failure to adhere to this standard? Your response should be at least 300 words in length. You must use at le

Employment Law for Human Resource Practice

Read the Hoffman v. Caterpillar case. What were the two legal issues in this case? What did the court decide? For each issue, explain the issue and give the rationale/analysis and the conclusion reached by the court (in your own words). Was it decided fairly, in your opinion? Why, or why not? What, if anything, should the employ