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District courts in California and Michigan

I would like help comparing the district courts of Michigan and California, including information on funding source and what happens on each level.

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I have outlined a response for you. I did not use the references, having some knowledge of the court systems in both states. You may use the references provided to quote or paraphrase information.

The District Courts in Michigan, of which there are 105, handle trial cases and misdemeanor cases, along with some civil litigations. The civil litigations are limited to:
- Cases under $25,000 excluding equity
- Small claims cases under $3000
- Landlord/tenant cases
- Summary proceedings
Other cases include:
- Misdemeanors including traffic tickets
- Ordinance violations with sentences less than one year
- Preliminary trials for felony charges
- Jury trials

The Michigan District Courts are considered limited jurisdiction ...

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A 428-word outline of the district courts of Michigan and the superior courts of California (same type of courts).