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    Business Law: The Long-Arm Statue and Minimum Contacts

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    Explain state long-arm statute and the doctrine of minimum contacts as it relates to contemporary business law? What is the Zippo Sliding Scale Test?

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    The long-arm statute gives jurisdiction to states based on the whether the case has a connection to the state. For example, a case that concerns commerce in the state would qualify under the long arm statute. A dispute over property within the state, with one person from the state and one outside of the state can be within the jurisdiction because the property is located there. The person within the state should file the dispute to solidify this. Therefore, businesses must identify and support with evidence, the rights of the court to have jurisdiction over the case, or that they do not have jurisdiction. Courts cannot pursue foreign entities or people in court without having proper ...

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    This solution provides discussions about long arm statute, the minimum contacts doctrine, and the Zippo sliding scale. The explanation is 421 words and two references are given.