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    Business scenarios' best and worst case outcomes

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    How do the following affect business in the united states? Provide best and worst case scenarios.

    Sex Discrimination
    Workers Compensation
    Unemployment Benefits
    Plant Closing
    Family and Medical Leave Act

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    Sex discrimination is a big issue in business when it comes to equal work for equal pay issues. Men are still making more money than women for the same work. In the best case scenario, this will motivate women and companies to strive to rise in the ranks and treat both sexes equally that will hopefully trickle down to most businesses. In the worst case scenario, this may turn women away from reaching the higher ranks when they know that they will be discriminated against no matter what they do.

    Worker's compensation allows for workers who are hurt to be compensated when they are not able to work if they were hurt on the job. This allows for businesses who have high-risk work to obtain employees as the employees know that if they get hurt, they will still be able to support themselves and their ...

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    This solution provides the best and worst case scenarios for issues like sex discrimination and workers' compensation in the business economy in 600 words.