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    Sample Start Up Budget

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    Inadequate financing can be the cause of the failure of any business. Try to determine how much capital might actually be needed to start a small business. Project a budget covering the expenses. Feel free to use your Dream Job as an example.

    Initial expenses may include down payments for the pur­chase or lease of prop­erty; amounts to buy or lease furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, and inven­tory; amounts to pay for the installation of telephones, utilities, and electronic equipment; amounts to pay for office and sales supplies, taxes and licenses, professional fees, advertising and promotion, and living expenses for the partners for at least the first three months.

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    I would like to open a bed and breakfast out of my home. Here is a sample budget of what might be needed for start up. ...

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    This is a sample start up budget for a dream company. The expert uses the bed and breakfast example to determine how much ca[ital might actually be needed to start a small business. Initial expenses are determined.