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    Issues in Anti-trust Laws and Enforcement

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    What are the issues concerning antitrust laws and enforcement? Who is involved and why? How would you recommend that the system be change and why?

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    Antitrust laws play a part in the role of everyone although some people are unaware. Antitrust laws provide competitive pricing between manufacturers while maintaining a high quality of those goods and services. Antitrust laws help accomplish competitive pricing and quality through competition between manufacturers while preventing poor business practices and anticompetitive mergers. Congress purposely left the antitrust laws to be vague so that the courts could determine what is legal and illegal. The laws are based on interpretation only but over 100 ...

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    This solution explores the issues on anti-trust laws and enforcement, and distinguishes between the two types of anti-trust laws: federal and state. It also includes the roles of the Sherman Act, Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. The explanation is given in 368 words.