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Need help coming up with a current event at the federal level. Just something that is relavant to the times and I have to speak about for a couple minutes. Something that would be interesting to our democratic professor who is running again this year to be the Hawaii governor. Trying to steer away from Hawaii current events because that is what I've used the last few weeks.


Current event presentation. Each student will come prepared to each class session to discuss a current event that relates to some aspect of government. Be prepared to articulate the impact that your current event has on government and related government agencies, departments, other levels of government, and/or the public. Example, minimum wage, HCDA - Kaka'ako Development, Early education

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"Seattle Announces $15 Minimum Wage, Highest In The U.S."

The city of Seattle has proposed and passed legislation for raising the minimum wage of workers in the city to $15 a hour, which is by far the highest ...

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A current event presentations for government aspects are given.