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    Adenosine Therapeutics LLC: Accounting for a Different Compensation Method

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    Consider the article "Adenosine Therapeutics LLC: Accounting for a Different Compensation Method" (Evans & Haskins, 2007). Next, using outside sources that you may seek and your professional experience, develop and write a 3- to 4-page paper concisely answering the following questions:

    (A4.1) What is the basic accounting research question that Adenosine Therapeutics's accountants need to answer with respect to the firm's compensation method?

    (A4.2) What accounting standard(s) must they consider when answering the question?

    (A4.3) What conclusion do you come to with respect to the research question?

    (A4.4) What knowledge, estimates, or assumptions did you use in arriving at your conclusion

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    1. The basic accounting research question that Adenosine Therapeutics' accountants need to answer with respect to the firm's compensation method is:

    Which method of accounting for salary increases is most appropriate for AT?
    Bill Stilley, the CFO has been asked hard questions about the salary related liabilities reported by AT. Stilley considered three alternatives to the current method of expensing salary raises during the current year. The three alternatives are not to expense the salary raises, probability weight the unpaid but earned raises, and expense the expected value, and record a monthly expense and current inability over expected time frame. The research question challenges the CFO to evaluate each alternative and select one that is supported by accounting standards, principles, and practices. Stilley is honest and ethical and he must carefully evaluate the alternatives before he selects the method for reporting salary increases at his company.

    2.The first accounting standard they must follow is the generally accepted accounting principles used in the United States. AT must consider the standard of conservatism when reporting salary increases. Further, AT must ensure that the future earnings of AT are not inflated. The standards set by Financial Accounting Standards ...

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    GAAP in the context of creative compensation is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.