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    Sexual Harrsssment in the Workplace; Don't Let Friendship Cloud Your Judgement

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    Trudy comes to Pat, her supervisior, and tells her that Jack has been sexually harassing her by making suggestive remarks, comments, and jokes, by constantly asking her for dates, and by using every available opportunity to touch her. Pat has been friends with Jack for a long time and can't imagine Jack would do such a thing. Pat is hesitant to move on Trudy's complaint. What should Pat do?

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    As required by law she has to document everything that was said about Jack from Trudy
    This includes time and dates, locations and specifics from each. Then Pat has to formally tell Jack about the claim, put it in writing, have Jack sign it and then (if required by law in the ...

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    A case of a supervisor who is being told by a subordinate that his long time friend is continually sexually harassing
    her. An expert succinctly answers this delicate situation in a professional manner. 194 words.