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    Sexual Preference Termination and Federal Law Enforcement

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    When the FBI learns that Mary, its FBI agent, is a lesbian, Mary is fired. Mary goes to an attorney to find out about the possibility of suing to get her job back. What does the attorney likely tell her?

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    If they openly stated that being gay was your reason for termination (especially if they and or you have record of this) we have a case of either being awarded quite a bit if money or getting you your job back. I would ask them if they feel their chances for success would be good in a place that. "fired her" for being gay. If it was another reason (something ...

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    A hypothetical question is posed to a hypothetical lawyer (albeit one who is highly educated and possesses a business background) about dismissal from the FBI solely because of one's homosexuality. Remember the question was hypothetical and unlikely to not occur for the stated reason today with this just, Equal Opportunity Employer. The solution is 263 words discussing what the attorney might tell her.