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    Flexibility at the Workplace

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    How do we balance the needs for predictable rules/standards with the benefits that sometimes flow from flexibility?

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    A good example to consider would be work life balance at the workplace. Work life balance varies amongst countries and can be prevalent in one country while completely disregarded in another. It depends on the workplace culture and the workplace policies in place, where certain rules and regulations are put in place for employees to adhere to. Nevertheless, despite the varying trends across the globe with respect to flexible work options, work life balance policies are being created in different ways, a recognition of the importance of flexibility with one's working hours and one's leisure ...

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    This briefly looks at the benefits of flexibility at the workplace, and the trend of work life balance policies being created to respond to this need of both a work life and a personal/family life as well. These benefits relate to worker productivity and overall satisfaction at the workplace, perhaps providing the rationale for employers to implement these policies. Also, international institutions, such as the OECD, are starting to take note of how important work life balance is to one's quality of life.