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Labor Laws Effect on Employer-Employee Relations

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Today's managers are hardly free to deal with unions in any way that they want. Various laws restrict, or guide, their course of action. Over the last century, legislation and court rulings have evolved to protect the rights of both sides but may have had unintended consequences on occasion.

Respond to the following:

- How have labor law has been advantageous, and disadvantageous, to the employer-employee relationship.
- Are there any historical patterns you detect in the impact of evolving labor laws on the employer-employee relationship.

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• How have labor law has been advantageous, and disadvantageous, to the employer-employee relationship.

Labor laws have their advantages and disadvantages to both the employer and employee. With the employer, this gives them a guide in which to hire and not discriminate against others; however, the worker may have difficulty finding a job because some are more favored than others. However, both are able to get benefits with their positions, which makes it a ...

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This solution discussed the effects and the evolvement of labor laws on the employer-employee relationship.

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The article that I have selected is called, "More pro-employee law on the way?" It talks about how once elected, President Obama became absorbed into healthcare reform, but was expected to begin work on enacting more pro-employee laws. According to the article, "The legislation covers areas that include paid sick leave, union membership, sexual orientation discrimination, age bias, predispute arbitration agreements, and health and safety issues." (Greenwald, 2010) The article also notes that in 2010 there were 27 different pieces of legislation proposing changes to federal law affecting just about every aspect of the employer-employee relationship. While much focus was aimed at the healthcare reform, many believe that it is important that pro-employee laws are needed. Valerie Hoffman expects the federal agencies to take "a vigorous approach to employment issues that will continue to put the pressure on employers nationwide." While there might not be action in Congress, "I think it'll be substantial in regulation," she said (Greenwald, 2010).

I think that focusing on employee laws is important. I think that in a place of employment, employees are entitled to feeling safe, secure, and free from different forms of harassment and discrimination. By putting a national focus on new laws I think it would help employers to better understand the importance of protecting employees under such laws, as well as the repercussion for not doing so.

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