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    Terminating an Employee

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    Can I fire someone without a reason? What should I consider when considering terminating an employee. This response will give you the answer to both questions.

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    This could vary depending upon the circumstance and state in some instances for example Tennessee is pretty much an employment at will (if no contract has been signed) this basically means your employer does not have to have a reason to terminate you. This does not mean however that the employer should not consider the State and Federal laws that are in place to protect employees.
    Basically you want to be careful about the status of the employee and whether or not this employee would fall into a protected class. The following laws are those you would need to consider:
    1. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act (this prohibits ...

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    When terminating an employee there are laws to consider. This response will provide you with a number of
    Federal laws to consider when the need to terminate an employee arises.