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    Economic Impact of Over-Regulation in the United States

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    Please help me to explain what areas of economic or social life are overregulated in the United States?
    Please provide an expert account of how these regulations affect you and the business that you work for?
    Thank you.

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    In the United States some areas of economics which can sometimes feel over regulated include many areas around energy use. Consider that government mandates are currently driving a push to increase average fuel consumption in passenger cars. A target of X mpg has been set for implementation by 2025. This seems a bit strange to me as the market should drive this type of innovation. Consumers should (and do!) want more fuel efficient cars as they recognize the lower cost of ownership. So the target of X may be too high or too low depending on market conditions leading up to and in 2025. A similar argument could be ...

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    This this 420 word solution looks at the economic impact of energy regulation in the US with a focus on product development and manufacturing. Additionally, it provides an expert anecdote describing how regulations have affected the expert's company.