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    Sources of United States Laws

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    Identify the sources of modern law in the United States. Define each, and provide an example other than the one presented in the textbook. What is the relevance of the precedence and the priority of law in American jurisprudence?

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    I have outlined a response for you.The sources of U.S. law come from a variety of places. Each is important as it continues to define the society of the United States.

    1. Common Law,(Case Law)
    This is law based on court decisions. It does not have any basis in statutes, laws created by legislatures and other governing bodies. The laws were developed in England and brought to the U.S. by colonists. Common law depends as much on judges (these are considered judge made laws) and precedent as any other function. Precedent is a decision of the court, made previously (usually in a lower court) and upheld in higher courts. Then when an issue pertaining to the same problem or issue, courts have a previous judgment to use for ruling. In some cases, state decision applies where courts stand by ...

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    This solution provides a comprehensive review of the sources of law for the United States.