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Art History

Unusual Locations for Advertisements

Please take a look and help with this assignment. List a variety of new places where now suddenly advertising exists--where it never seemed to have existed before. In as much detail as necessary, and in no more than one page report an occasion or occasions when you were surprised to find an advertisement. Tell the circumstan


Using the top paragraph in the attached document as background for the "situation review" quadrant of the Potter Box, complete the other three quadrants of the Box in at least 25 lines of copy for "the two competing values at stake," "application of at least two moral philosophies," and "choosing loyalties." Here's the situat

Advertising's Overdue Revolution

Please help with this assignment. I attached article and question. Thank you so much  Questions: In at least 25 lines of copy briefly summarize Helm's theme and then analyze how he would view the advertising of Spuds Mackenzie, brand stretching, the New York Times' refusal to advertising tobacco and whether or n

Art history

What historical reason was there for holding the Paris Exposition? What were some of the modern techniques that were used to create the symbol of the exposition â?" the Eiffel Tower? What kind of reaction did the tower receive from the Parisians? Why, if it was supposed to be a temporary structure, has it remained as a Parisian

18th and 19th century art in Europe and North America

The job you will have is to collect information concerning three different styles as represented by two artists from each. You may choose from the following: Rococo style Romantic style in painting or sculpture Naturalistic or realistic style in either Europe or North America Impressionistic style Post impressionisti

Foreign Children's Ad

Please help this assignment.. Find an advertisement in a foreign language directed at children. It can be print or broadcast. Must attach ad with paper. State where you found the ad and discuss it in terms of CARU's 8 core principles as listed C. Core Principles The following Core Principles apply to all practices covered

Radio Ad

Writing a 30-second radio spot. See instructions and an example of how radio is presented on the page. Please help this assignment please. Everything is inside file and example. only thing need to do same like example. thank you so much.

Harmful multinational advertising

The authors quote Michael Anderson's summary of costs and benefits that transnational agencies bring to their host nations, ending with "What can be said with some certainty, however, is that the presence of the multinational advertising agency in any developing economy does generate some tensions and conflict." Research e

Easy Cheese

Come up with at least 5 ideas that are on strategy in promoting Easy Cheese. The minimal expression of the maximal number of ideas applies here. For example, rather than developing a 30-second television script for Geico using the caveman, one idea might be expressed as "Caveman sees therapist because he's bothered by commerci

Ad Truth Field Assignment

AD TRUTH FIELD ASSIGNMENT: Assessing Truth in Advertising You are instructed to respond to an offer made by an advertiser, and then to evaluate the quality of the interaction. This exercise addresses the issues of ?truth in advertising? and of ?ethical conduct? on the part of merchants. Follow the guidelines below. 1. Find

Video portion to accompany audio in advertisement

What do you see happening that goes along with the audio for this commercial? Pretend you are a commercial film director and indicate how the visuals for this message should play out. Reproduce the written out commercial so that both VIDEO (on the left) and AUDIO (on the right) are placed appropriately on the page. The Kal

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is a cornerstone of American thought regarding freedom and happiness. Thomas Jefferson was heavily influenced by philosophers of the period, and the document is frequently referred to as a blueprint for an effective government. Often quoted from the Preamble is this passage: â??We hold these

The Pleasures of Persuasion

The Pleasures of Persuasion Virginia Postrel | August 2, 1999 Obituaries for advertising pioneer David Ogilvy, who died last Wednesday, emphasized his respect for the consumer. "The consumer is not a moron. She is your wife," was a popular Ogilvy refrain. "His greatest legacy," declared the Associated Press, "was an approach

Ad Campaign for Snobs

Pool out the campaign by inventing new one-liners that convey the same elitist attitude, that communicates luxury, and isolates the target to those who have ample discretionary income. Turn in at least three headlines (more is even better). You may simulate the ad itself, or simply computer generate the lines on a clean s

Photography and Realism

Did photography doom realist painting? What does painting offer that photography does not, and vice versa?

What was the Iconoclastic Controversy?

What was the Iconoclastic Controversy and how did it affect religious and secular art? What features distinguish Byzantine art after the Iconoclastic Controversy?

Ruben vs Poussin

Compare and contrast the paintings of Rubens with those of Poussin. Though Poussin and Rubens are both Baroque painters from Catholic countries, they have individual styles. Consider what makes their work fit under the rubric Baroque. Also, think about how important drawing and craft is to their respective works.

Guerrilla Girls art is interpreted.

Reflecting on what you have read about women's life experiences after 1950, create an image to portray a woman after 1950. This image can be realistic or abstract. Be creative and thoughtful. Please describe any particular reading or class discussion topic inspiring your creative work?

Image of a woman after 1950

I need to create an image of a woman. Reflecting on what you have read about women's life experiences after 1950, create an image to portray a woman after 1950. The image can be produced in many different forms, from two dimensional painting, photo, and collage, three dimensional clay or mix-media sculpture, to four dimensional

Women, Art, And Society by Whitney Chadwick questions

If anyone has read this book, I need help with a couple of questions: "Hildegard of Bingen left a body of work unparalled in its range." 1. How did she contribute to religion? 2. How was her contribution to the Church recognized? 3. Did she challenge the Church's views on women? If so, how? If not, why not? 1.