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Art History

Show how technological inventions impact visual communications

In the past two hundred years, the field of visual communications has been influenced by technological inventions. Select the invention that you think is most important and describe why. Be sure your post addresses these questions: â?¢When did it happen? â?¢How did this development change the way humans communicated? â

A timeline template is devised.

The next project is to create a timeline using the provided timeline template for Microsoft Word. Create a timeline of the major designs and developments in the field of art and design. Your timeline should focus on the years 1500-1950 CE and include at least three different genres in art and design. It should also include a

Romantic era of visual art, literature, and music is overviewed.

Besides the mere dates of their creation, what specific traits define the following works of visual art, literature, and music as Romantic, based on your understanding of this era? Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig Van Beethoven The Third of May - Francisco Goya I cannot live with you... - Emily Dickinson

Discussing Article Abstracts

Reference: Fairley, S. (2009). The role of the mode of transport in the identity maintenance of sport fan travel groups. Journal of Sport and Tourism. 14(2-3): 205-222. Hi, I would like some assistance with the following task. I am having trouble understanding how to write a proper abstract. Task: Write an abstract for t

Seminal Artworks PowerPoint

Please help with some ideas so I can write the following: Your next step as an intern helping to design the guide to the history of visual communication is to gather at least six pieces of art or design for the chapter on art forms throughout the ages. The pieces you pick should be pieces of art or design that help define an

Diversity company policy

Identyfy two different companies different area diversity policy, Procedures... please give some examples and sources..

Compare and contrast regional styles of churches

Choose two of the following regional styles and one church from each region that characterize the styles of the regions: (1) France and Northern Spain, (2) Italy, and (3) Normandy and England. Compare and contrast the two regional styles and the two churches you chose.

The Romanesque style

In what way do the following figures embody Romanesque sculptural style? (1) Lions and Old Testament prophet, trameau south portal of Saint-Pierre, Moissac, France; and (2) Head reliquary of Saint Alexander, from Stavelot Abbey, Belgium

Notes on painting from the tomb of Nebamun

How does the painting from the tomb of Nebamun differ from the relief on the tomb of Ti when both portray the same type of scene, a hunt? What are the key thematic differences?

Cubism and Surrealism through Picasso pieces

Look at Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, painted in 1907: Now, look at Picasso's Guernica, painted in 1937: Write a three to five page paper answering the following questions: Do you think Picasso's styl

Gender in Mona Lisa pieces.

Compare the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci to the Mona Lisa with a mustache by Marcel Duchamp and his female counterpart, Rros Selavy. Describe how these two artists have investigated creating images of themselves as females.

Summary and Reflection of an Artist

The Web Museum of Famous Paintings Select a historic art movement that you find interesting. Select an artist from this movement. Visit the artists web page, read the information on him and look at his art work. Write a list of the art work that you saw specify the names and techniques. Wr

Helms and Chula - how do they relate?

Read the chapter "Why They Hate Us" in Amy Chua's book World on Fire. Briefly relate Chua's main theme(s) to Helm's themes. Then suggest any remedies (solutions) to the problems highlighted.

Unusual Locations for Advertisements

Please take a look and help with this assignment. List a variety of new places where now suddenly advertising exists--where it never seemed to have existed before. In as much detail as necessary, and in no more than one page report an occasion or occasions when you were surprised to find an advertisement. Tell the circumstan


Using the top paragraph in the attached document as background for the "situation review" quadrant of the Potter Box, complete the other three quadrants of the Box in at least 25 lines of copy for "the two competing values at stake," "application of at least two moral philosophies," and "choosing loyalties." Here's the situat

Advertising's Overdue Revolution

Please help with this assignment. I attached article and question. Thank you so much  Questions: In at least 25 lines of copy briefly summarize Helm's theme and then analyze how he would view the advertising of Spuds Mackenzie, brand stretching, the New York Times' refusal to advertising tobacco and whether or n

Art history

What historical reason was there for holding the Paris Exposition? What were some of the modern techniques that were used to create the symbol of the exposition â?" the Eiffel Tower? What kind of reaction did the tower receive from the Parisians? Why, if it was supposed to be a temporary structure, has it remained as a Parisian

18th and 19th century art in Europe and North America

The job you will have is to collect information concerning three different styles as represented by two artists from each. You may choose from the following: Rococo style Romantic style in painting or sculpture Naturalistic or realistic style in either Europe or North America Impressionistic style Post impressionisti

Foreign Children's Ad

Please help this assignment.. Find an advertisement in a foreign language directed at children. It can be print or broadcast. Must attach ad with paper. State where you found the ad and discuss it in terms of CARU's 8 core principles as listed C. Core Principles The following Core Principles apply to all practices covered