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    Diversity in 20th century arts

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    The role of diversity in the development of the arts and how it changed throughout the 20th century

    â?¢ What was the role of women and their influence on the various arts?
    â?¢ What was the role of ethnic minorities and their influence on the various arts?

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    There are numerous Web sites (scholarly ones, not Wikipedia or "anybody can answer this question" sites), that you will get if you put in the search phases "contributions of women to the arts" or contributions of minorities to the arts." Please note that the arts includes drama, dance and theater, music (composing and performing), and visual arts of all kinds; some even put architecture and literature in this category.

    The following Web site was one I chose for women's contributions, but it is by no means the only good reference possibility. http://www.artesmagazine.com/2010/12/curator-sherry-buckberrough-examines-the-historic-contribution-of-women-in-modern-and-contemporary-art/

    This paragraph discusses women in the arts, and you can quote from it:
    Nonetheless, the slippage between art and femme in femme brut(e) points to the historically-marginalized position of women and women's art. It recalls the obstacles women faced obtaining professional training, gaining access to galleries, and establishing an audience. Before the late nineteenth century women were often categorically excluded from official art academies. They were allowed neither to study from the ...

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    Discussion of diverse minority influence upon the arts in the 20th century, with Web based URL references.