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    The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Fleet Financial Group

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    The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Fleet Financial Group Sponsorship of Monet in the 20th Century

    Monet in the 20th Century was by all accounts a rousing success. Not only was it the most highly attended exhibition in the history of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), it was also the world's most popular art exhibition in 1998.3 It helped successfully inject additional energy into a venerable Boston institution, while simultaneously demonstrating the viability of partnering a traditional arts organization with a rapidly expanding financial services firm, Fleet Financial Group. Malcolm Rogers, Ann and Graham Gund Director of the MFA, and his senior colleagues, had anticipated that Monet in the 20th Century would be successful. Not only was the exhibition supported by a significant marketing budget, but the city of Boston had a long-standing love affair with Monet.

    Case Questions: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Fleet Financial Group

    1. Hierarchy-of-effects: This case provides a good example of a situation in which an IMC campaign must take the audience(s) through each level of the hierarchy-of-effects (awarenessknowledgelikingpreferenceconvictionaction). Match the media executions described in the case to the hierarchy-of-effects level that each would best achieve. (Example: AwarenessPoster on the side of a bus; billboards...)

    2. How did Fleet and/or MFA measure the effectiveness of each phase of the hierarchy-of-effects?

    3. How would you update this IMC campaign if you were in charge of it today?

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