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    20th Century Globalism: Prevailing philosophical perspectives

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    Write a paper in which you research and identify one prevailing philosophical perspectives at work during the 20th century.

    Provide an overview for the philosophies?where it arose, who created it, and its major tenets.

    Resources: Course readings (Fiero, Gloria K. (2006). Modernism, Globalism, and the Information Age. New York, NY: McGraw Hill)

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    Philosophical Perspectives at Work in the 20th Century


    20th centaury is the known as the period of innovations and changes that has leaded a high technique life with hard core civil rights for all people (Fiero, 2006). People have knowledge about their rights, ethics, values and norms at their working environment and they take advantage of all these aspects to live a good and reputed life in society (Sidorsky, 2006). There are various philosophies has been taken birth to understand the meaning of life and working nature of an human being in this century. It is very difficult to work in the highly critical, changing and globalization environment of during the 20th century (Fiero, 2006).

    In order to live a respectable life in this century there are mainly five philosophical perspectives have been taken birth during 20th century, which are: The advent of Pragmatism, Common Sense Analysis, Logical Positivism, Existentialist perspective and phenomenological perspective (Sidorsky, 2006).

    Overview of Philosophies

    Philosophy of the advent of Pragmatism: this philosophy was created by William James. It arose in 1907 as a resolution of mainly two kinds of dilemma: materialism and idealism (James, 1909). It is the theory of truth in which the person uses their own idea to work in the changing and competitive environment with honesty (Corti, 1976). It combines reality, truth and person's own idea to achieve the objectives and targets (James, 1909). According ...

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    Prevailing philosophical perspectives in the 20th century globalism is examined.