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    Art History

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    Exemplify a totalitarian government.

    â?¢Define and discuss what a totalitarian government is. â?¢Discuss and explain the ethics of doing business in countries with totalitarian governments. â?¢Comment on opposing arguments (looking for holes and inconsistencies). â?¢Attempt to answer any arguments that are presented against your side of the argument.

    Rhetorical Triangle's Focus

    Use the Internet, library, and unit resources to research each of the following four approaches for developing a presentation: - speech or lecture - workshop - discussion - group activity Now: 1) Explain the reasons why or when you would use each of these approaches. 2) Describe how the three attributes of the Rhetori

    Compare Pollock and Rothko in this solution.

    1. Jackson Pollock and Rothko (pick one specific paintings for each) 2. Historical background of the period 3. Historical background of the artistic movement (Abstract Expressionism) 4. Artistâ??s biographical information for each works (each of them) 5. In-depth formal analysis (4 main points) about the compositional eleme

    Art Appreciation (Glass blowing & Blacksmithing)

    I would like some help getting started on this assignment. I am not asking you to do it for me. Just get me started. This is a gen ed class to fulfill my academic requirements. I know what I like about art when I see it....writing a paper on it is another story. Thank you for your time and guidance. APA format for ref

    Team Conflict Resolution

    Discuss how you would know that your team was in conflict and what would be a technique you would use to resolve it. You may wish to research any conflict resolution models available in many credible academic journals and other reliable sources. While you are conducting this research, also consider that no one model is witho

    Incorrect Assumptions

    Find an example of a recent major decision (whether in business, politics, etc.) that was made based on assumptions that turned out to be incorrect. Explain why at least 2 assumptions for this decision were incorrect, and explain what led to their use as a basis for the decision. What would you have done to test the validi

    The efficiency or productivity of any team is discussed.

    There are many different types of teams found in the workplace. However, no matter what label is assigned to the team, there are still fundamentals that make the team successful. The highest performing team is committed to a common goal and purpose as well as each individual's success and personal growth. With that in mind, c

    Creativity paper brainstorming is achieved.

    Briefly describe your own experiences with creativity. Without referring to any outside sources, how would you define creativity? Consider addressing the following questions in your paper: # a. What makes you creative â?" in what ways do you demonstrate creativity? # b. Does your own creativity occur under specific circumstan

    Art movements are addressed.

    1. Define the term "enlightenment." Then explain what this philosophy had to do with the ways artists began to view their world and how to reflect it in their creations. Discuss two of the specific signs of the way "enlightenment" affected the artists' way of looking at life. 2. Was the United States a leader or a follower

    How useful is art school?

    Although theorists and even some art school professors often like to say that art can't be taught, recent research suggests (see article below) that, in fact, art school graduates emerge from their education relatively well equipped for successful careers. Based upon the attached readings and first-hand observations at CalAr

    Tuckman's four stages are applied.

    In a management meeting, a discussion evolved around the human resource (HR) policies. There is one particularly good worker, but she is not always reliable. Sometimes she goes above and beyond, and other times she comes to work late. The latter behavior is seen by other employees who then think they can get away with similar be

    Artworks from Romanticism and Realism Periods Comparison

    Compare the art works of two artists, one from the Romanticism era and the other Realism. Describe, then compare, the contexts, concerns and main aspects of each movement and how that appears in each of the works.Explain why you made your particular choices of movements, artists and artworks. Evaluating the artwork you've selec


    Go to http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/matisse/ Check out the two paintings at the bottom - La Musique and Deux Fillettes. How does Matisse's style compare to Picasso and the cubists? Which is more visually pleasing in your opinion?

    importance of confidentiality and privacy

    â?¢Discuss the importance of confidentiality and privacy in setting up and maintaining human resource files. â?¢Explain and discuss in detail the laws that impact records management, such as the American with Disabilities Act, HIPAA, and Privacy Act of 1974.

    third-party hotline vendors

    Kathy Adams, CEO of Veda, Inc., has called a management to a meeting to discuss a comprehensive fraud prevention program. She is very supportive of both internal audit and investigation functions and realizes it would be cost-effective to have a comprehensive fraud prevention program. The management team wants to institute sev

    World Art Comparison

    From the following list, select 2 pairs of comparisons. You will be selecting a total of 4 items. For each pair, compare the significance, ritual use, or cultural function or purpose. Always include an example of art work for each item, from the internet with a link. Look for interesting similarities and important differences

    Compare & Contrast Islamic Art with Another Art Culture

    In Islamic culture, there are certain religious restrictions on use of imagery and representation of human or animal forms is forbidden in many art forms. As a result, Islamic art has developed highly sophisticated abstract, geometric, and linear decorative elements. Compare and contrast this aspect of Islamic art with art of an

    La Musique and Deux Fillettes

    Go to http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/matisse/ Check out the two paintings at the bottom - La Musique and Deux Fillettes. How does Matisse's style compare to Picasso and the cubists? Which is more visually pleasing in your opinion?

    Visual communication

    Research the definition of propaganda. Notice the historical context in which each piece was created, its intended audience, and how politics and culture influenced its design. Analyze how the designer used different design principles (consider color, space, balance, unity, and more) to convey a certain message. Pay careful atte

    Compare & Contrast Paleolithic & Neolithic Art

    Distinguish between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods in terms of time and cultural developments. Compare and contrast specific examples of artifacts, practices, and systems of belief. Discuss why art survives or does not. Include the four reasons Getlein cites for how art survives, giving an example of art work from both th

    Art Comparison

    NEED HELP COMPARING THE TWO... Susan Rothenberg, Maggie's Ponytail Pat Steir, Summer Moon 1. What kind of lines are in each work and what is the different or similar effect? (i.e. contour lines, diagonal lines, implied lines, etc.) 2. What kind of shapes are in each work and what is the different or similar effect?

    investigate fraud

    At a recent staff training meeting, Joseph Bond, CFE, is discussing how to investigate fraud when a case calls for inquiry investigative methods. Search the Internet, and list and explain the various tools and techniques that are available for fraud investigator practitioners. Focus on 1 or 2 tools, explain how they are used, an

    Visual Communication Art: Egyptian rendering and cultural meaning.

    Egyptian style rendering & text or Word document Details: For this assignment, you will create an Egyptian style art piece (this can be a drawing or software based rendering) and answer the following questions: For who was the artwork created? What was its value in the culture?

    prepare for the interviews

    Robert Ford, Director of Internal Auditing, received an anonymous tip from an employee in one of the high tech manufacturing plants. The employee noted that there was a major embezzlement taking place in one of the divisions. Internal audit had completed a routine review of internal control of that division the previous year and

    creating accurate job descriptions

    As part of the educational process of the senior team, you must explain the importance of creating accurate job descriptions so that each member can take the information back to his or her supervisors. One of the managers is unclear as to how to define essential functions. This person explains that all functions are essential.