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Art History

Treasury of Siphnians

The Treasury of the Siphnians has a unique porch. The typical supporting columns have been replaced with female figural supports, caryatids. These support elements were repeated later in the Erechtheion at the Acropolis. How did the architect-sculptor accommodate the role of architectural support with the role of figural sculptu

Hypothetical Questions Regarding The Venus of Willendorf

Choose your favorite art work. Imagine that you have being transported back in time to the era of your favorite, painter, sculptor or architect who is in the process of creating your favorite work. You luck out and are able to meet him or her in the workshop where he or she is working on that piece. This is your chance to see

Early Minoan Jewelry

I am writing a paper about Early Minoan jewelry, with specific focus on their hair ornaments and require help coming up with an outline. I'm thinking of writing about a the Bronze Age and how the techniques change or become more develped over this period. Focus on gold, jewelry, refined jewelry making. Bronze Age. Why is the br

Picasso's Statement

When Picasso said "I paint forms as I think them not as I see them", what did he mean? Could you also give me a couple of examples as to how his ideas of art differed from those held by Renaissance artists?

Napolean and Significance in European History

Who is Napoleon and why is he significant in European history? Explain one way Napoleon influenced art and culture and give an example of art that illustrates the explanation. What was Napolean's relationship to Jacques-Louis David?

Sculpture of Khafre and Akhenaton

How do the sculpture of Khafre enthroned and the sculpture of Akhenaton from the temple of Aton reflect the political and religious climates of their times?

Why did neolithic human populations need to create urban centers? How did these centers develop? This solution compares and contrasts the cities of Jericho and Catal Hoyuk in the discussion.

This solution covers the concept of neolithic urban development. It describes the differences between the neolithic cities of Jericho and Catal Hoyuk as urban centers and addresses ideas regarding population growth and its role as a contributing factor in both the need for and the design of urban centers such as these. While hu

Various hypotheses have been raised to explain the purpose or function of nude female figures in Paleolithic Art. What ideas have been researched and what impact did gender issues play in the interpretation of findings in terms of meaning?

When one mentions the nude in Paleolithic art, the most commonly pictured example is the so-called "Venus of Willendorf." While this figurine is the most famous, it is only one of many such representations. Before an explanation of the purpose and function of these images is begun, it is important to note that many of the earl

Chauvet Cave Paintings

What assumption has been nullified by the Chauvet cave paintings? These paintings tell stories of early human experience. They prove that people used paintings to show what their lives were like at the time.

Middle Ages Artist: Fra Angelico

Please pick any artist from the middle ages time period and discuss the following: Explanation of how the artist's work reflects or defines the time period Description of some of the artist's pieces Discussion of the use of line, form, color, texture, and material as found within one of the pieces you have chosen Des

Raphael's Use of Drawing as Study for Final Composition

Raphael's drawings aided in the creation of final compositions for artwork of more permanent media. Some of the benefits of drawing included, but are not limited to, content, placement, a study of balance, perspective, etc.

Cold War effects on art

The Second World War was supposed to have brought a new peaceful world. Instead, the Cold War began. How did the international artistic community feel about this and then demonstrate it in their work? Provide a basis for your answer by citing specific works and your reasons.

The art museum's function

What is the "role" of an art museum? How does a museum provoke thought, stimulate understanding of culture and history and generate knowledge?

Community Artworks Project

Look around your community and identify three or four works of art. In your own words, describe why each piece is there and what it says about the individual or individuals it represents. After you have finished, read through "Looking at Art," that is attached.

Computer drawing explained in art terms

Create a drawing using the computer and any program or software that is available to you. Your drawing does not have to be representational, but you should use at least three of the tools available in the drawing program such as brush, pencil, shape and line, and spray. Create a piece that follows the principles of good design.

Impressions on Presidential portraits

Here are photographs of past presidents. What image does the photo project? Does this person look stupid, powerful or weak, effective or ridiculous? What does the photo tell you about the political views of the editor who chose to publish this picture rather than another?

Street Walk

Team up with two or more friends (the smallest acceptable group is three), and walk down the same street or public area for about five minutes, without speaking to or looking at each other. When the time is up, go to separate locations and each make a list of the ten most interesting things you saw on your walk. Then compare you

Sistine Ceiling

Design your own "Sistine ceiling." Make a scale drawing of the ceiling of your room, and plan a painting meant to fill that space, drawing on the personal iconography of your own life. Be creative in working out different-shaped segments for the painting to enclose the various images.

Public Images

People who have held political power have often used art to create "public images" of themselves. Explain how at least two leaders have used art to enhance their prestige, to make themselves more "in." Select one political leader from the past (prior to the 20th century) who used art to influence public perceptions of his/her

Perceptions of gender in media

This solution reacts to observed social expectations for males from American contemporary life. In 1963, he enumerated a list of characteristics that seemed to typify the ideal male during that time. Keep in mind that Goffman was recording observations of this time and not stating a personal opinion. As you read these conclusion

Social Diversity

Analyze and interpret the following quotation: "Worldwide, non-Western cultures faced fundamental challenges to their cultural identities, not so much a recentering of culture but a decentering of culture" (Sayre, 2010, p.419). In the later nineteenth century and early twentieth century, what would a "decentering" of culture

Compare themes of Venus of Willendorf and Aphrodite

Description- Describe the visual style, media, scale, theme, color, texture, scale, pattern and form of Venus of Willendorf 25,000 BCE and Aphrodite (Venus de Milo) 150 BCE. Comparison- What are visual similarities between the two sculptures? What are the main visual differences between the two sculptures? Analysis- How wa

Jackson Pollock's style of painting is rationalized.

â?¢Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's style of painting, as exemplified by Convergence, is considered an important, innovative development in the history of painting. . â?¢Imagine that you are a defense attorney for this work of art. Support your argument with research. â?¢Establish a very strong "arg

Abstract Art: In a nutshell

1. Abstract art has created many controversial topics about what can be termed art. Why do you think that many abstract art works are criticized? 2. If you had a choice of having a painting from the styles of Impressionism, Art Nouveau, or Avant-Garde, which style would you choose and why?