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    Tintoretto's The Last Supper vs Leonardo's Last Supper

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    Contrast Tintoretto's The Last Supper with Leonardo's Last Supper. In your post, include the differences in media as well as thematic substance. Use one example from Gardner's Art through the Ages and one from the Internet.

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    The shift from Italian Renaissance to Mannerism is evident in the two Last Supper paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Tintoretto (born Jacopo Comin.) Leonardo's Last Supper (ca. 1495-1498), a 13' 9" x 29' 10" mural on the wall of the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie, is the epitome of High Renaissance order, balance, and idealism. While Leonardo's experimentation with media was ultimately unsuccessful in creating an enduring work of art (the oil and tempura did not fuse with the plaster and began to flake only fifty years after its completion), the painting is, ...

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    Tubtiretti's Last Supper versus Leonardo's Las Supper is examined. The differences in media as well as thematic substances are determined. This solution discusses the two paintings in 350 words. References are provided.